Yes my goal for the weekend! The week hasn't even ended and yesssss I'm 80kg. I can't believe my eyes. I said by weekend I'll ,love to see my self drop to 80, it's Thursday today and 80kg is here. Yes 80 kg you are very much welcome as I look forward to getting back my very flat tummy, my slim arms or something close to, disappearing okpa moi moi folds at the sides. So, the reason this post is titled Day 25 cont'd is because yesterday's post was for Day 24 but I mistakenly shared it as a day 25 post. Scroll down to see my 5 minutes workout video trying to burn the fat that cause folds on the sides...

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DINNER: Yesterday Wednesday, I did break fast with dinner and that was it for the day. 1/2 a finger of boiled fairly ripe plantain with green vegetable stew and kpanla fish protein. My stomach is gradually adjusting self oh. I was able to eat only i/3 of the green vegetable and felt full unlike before that I'll clear the plate and take extra portion sef.

My weight is See the digits below... Is it the plantain and vegetable I ate for dinner yesterday or the planking I did this morning? I'm super super excited. I just noticed that my double chin is evening out, that inner one is disappearing fast fast. The okpa moi moi folds on the sides  are disappearing fast too, my Christian mother arms are gradually becoming toned and I love it. We will surely get there.

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See video:  

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  1. Anonymous3/29/2018

    Can one join in your weight loss journey?

    1. Yes of course. Please join the Tribe...

  2. Please how do I join?

    1. Scroll right down and hit the Subscribe button, subscribe to posts. You can see my journey from Day one on This link:


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