1/2 a cup of jollof rice.
I'm so so excited. When I stood on the bathroom scale and saw the figures, I just smiled to myself and concluded that my goal to drop down to 80kg by weekend is realisable and very very close. The results are slow and steady but sure. I won't rush this because I'm not looking at short term weight loss. It is a lifestyle change. I want to permanently change some things about my size and live healthy. Some friends are suggesting different dieting methods to help me lose the weight faster but that's not what I want. Losing it faster and gaining all back is what I have done in the past, in 2010 precisely when I lost some 10 kg in two weeks for a major event and right after that event, the cravings won't let me sleep at night. I wanted so much to swallow something with some soup, I craved for normal Nigerian jollof rice and fried rice like wetin? Couldn't even last one week longer before nI crashed like a... (Thinking of the word to use here sef). So, I returned to my normal eating habit and the weight returned in full force.

 I have been there, lost weight fast fast fast , gained it back fast fast fast. I've seen it firsthand and now I think I know what's best for me. I know what's sustainable and what won't hurt. I'd rather go with a method that let's me live my normal life, let's me eat the foods I grew up eating, let's me enjoy my beans and plantain, enjoy my rice and stew, enjoy my eba and egusi soup and still lose though slowly but very steady. The only thing I have to try to do here is cut down on the quantity I used to load on, give my digestive system some breathing space to churn and mix well without suffocating under the weight of "Food Overload"

So yesterday Tuesday, my brunch was some salad sort of; half a cucumber, an egg, some lettuce and onion rings . For early dinner, I ate 1/.2 a cup of delicious Nigerian jollof rice with a small slice of chicken and just four slices of cucumber. Well, the chicken drumstick on the plate wasn't touched at all oh. It was placed there to beautify the plate while I snap pictures that will make you all salivate and want to eat my rice. Lolz!

I did exercise for just about 5 minutes as my thighs are still sore from all that jogging of early Monday Morning. My Christian mother arms too are sore (Maybe the phat is crying already, lol)  because I did 100 pushups even though with my knees on the floor. I cannot come and go and kill maself trying to do men's style pushups until I drop below 80 kg, then we try that serious push ups. For now, my pushups have to be done with  knees comfortably balanced on the floor abeg. I also took a glass of chill kunu aside all the drinking water sha. The weight is dropping steady. It's 81.0 kg already. I see myself getting to 80 kg and below in the next few days God willing. This has been my desire. At the beginning of this week, I said my goal is to drop to 80kg by weekend and we can see the figures. It's just a point one drop and I land safely on 80 with smiles.



  1. Oh dear! I just realised the title is day 25 instead of 24. What do I now post tomorrow ehn? So confused!

  2. The chicken is definitely doing its job. I'm salivating. It's easier to keep track of my own weight loss with a smart scale. Congrats on the weight loss, you're almost at your goal!


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