My New Lifestyle And Weight Loss Journey Day 1

My New Lifestyle and weight loss journey begins with this blurry belle.
Hello! Today, Sunday,4th Of March, 2018. I have taken a major decision to make some Lifestyle changes. I'm in my forties and cannot afford to continue eating and living the way I want. I need to start living healthy and I've chosen to share it with my blog readers because it feels like that will motivate me to continue. 
Yesterday, my husband sent me a Whatsapp video of Ernestine Shepherd, the 80 year old female bodybuilder who started working out at 56. Instead of enjoying the video as usual, I felt tired of
seeing these videos and became more determined to beat him to this. 

A few years back, hubby weighed 99kg and I never sent him videos nor gave him inspirational talk on weight loss and healthy living. I tried my best to encourage and help oga feel good about himself . Now, because I'm a bit overweight, I receive physical exercise tips, videos sent from Facebook to Twitter, Whatsapp, Gmail and all routes. And in my honest heart, I promised myself that I'm going to lose weight and go below that his 79kg. He has actually been very disciplined and committed to his lifestyle changes, I'll give that to him any day. Anyways, today he is 79 and won't stop rubbing it in my face, sha, no problem. I was registered at a gym that favoured him more because he could just drive a few minutes rom his office and is there while I had to like travel all the way just to get to the gym and it didn't work out because I made it just a few times, the distance didn't encourage me at all. Right now, he doesn't even know that I secretly work out at home using Youtube videos and other resources. It doesn't have to be in the gym. Commitment matters. 

I remember when I weighed 78kg and how I tried my best not to climb the heavy ladder of weight gain and it worked until the pregnancy and birth of my number four. Suddenly, 80kg landed on me like a heavy load of cassava tubers mixed with yam tubers and wet garri. I struggled to shed it off but instead kept gaining steadily. For seven years, after this fourth birth, I rested well, lost some of that weight and managed to keep fit for some time. With dieting (Completely cutting off carbohydrates, I lost 10kg and went back to about 78 kg and I won't lie, it felt really good; My sleep became more restful and deep; My voice opened up like magic and I could sing again with sweet melodies; My confidence got boosted and I enjoyed wearing outfits that showed off my then flat tummy. I started wearing responsive fabric without worrying that they'll cling here and there. That was my best body!

You'll never know that my tummy is not flat because I do not go out without a spanx (Shape wear) but I want that to stop.

Then again, like joke, another pregnancy landed on my belly, the weight returned. After my baby boy's birth, now at 40 years young, dropping the pregnancy weight became more difficult compared to when I was younger. It wasn't easy but I kept trying, going off and on without following through. That's why I have convinced myself that documenting the journey on the blog will make me to carry through knowing that people are reading.

While nursing my last baby, I didn't know that with age, losing weight becomes more difficult and was just like ..."Once the baby is weaned, I'll drop back to my perfect size (By my standards oh). For where? Thing didn't go as planned and now I know that once you clock the 40 year mark, losing weight is not beans. 

So, baby is weaned, and instead of losing weight, I gained even more, Started wearing size 16 oh, me that used to wear size 12. I hit 89 kg and then continued to fluctuate. Sometimes I lose and get down to 83kg, then holidays come, the house is full and I join in the eating and gain all the weight back. When schools resume, kitchen time is drastically reduced and interestingly my weight begins to adjust until another Holiday season. I don't want to continue that way please! I want to permanently change my Lifestyle, let my whole family be aware that "mummy can't eat cow milk, mummy can't eat sugar, mummy has stopped eating dairy products" I want them to know this and to also see positive results in my body.  I keep telling myself that I do not have insecurities but I think I do. Why can't I wear body hugging dresses now? Why do I feel better when my size is how and what I want? Sha, my family ba? they have all lost hope in me, they think that I make empty noise about healthy living because when I see them eating ice cream, Daddy says "NO THANK YOU" While I say "Can I have some too?" Same thing happens with chocolates and other stuff like malt drinks especially that I know are not healthy for adults. Funny thing is.. these my girls never fail to laugh and remind me before sharing. Sometimes, I even buy for them and act the strong healthy eating mummy by not buying any for myself but you won't believe I end up begging to have a taste (Longer throat). 

From the first day that hubby said he's changing his Lifestyle, till today as I type, I haven't seen him fall into any food trap not even a malt, years have passed oh. But me? It's stand today... Fall into temptation tomorrow and It shouldn't continue that way or is it when I'm 50 that I'll start taking my health seriously? If weight is not watched, diabetes and other health problems can set in. Then it will now become "expensive managing" which may not be better than "low cost prevention". 

Some factors have honestly contributed to this decision to put it out there :

  • By posting my weight loss journey and lifestyle changes on the blog, I'll be too ashamed to fall back. I won't want to disappoint my readers so, that will help, hopefully. 
  • My husband has made me feel like he's in his best size and healthier and all that. Like I'm not trying hard enough.
  • My teenage daughters on the other hand are horrible human beings when it comes to talking about my weight and comparing me to their dad. Telling me how dad has lost weight and is now "cool and fresh" while my stomach is just funny. When they see it flat during outings, they start exchanging glances, then looking at me and giggling or rubbing my stomach and asking "Mummy what are you wearing inside? Just lose weight and stop tying yourself up na" When I return home and drop my spanx, these girls look for it and start laughing again like.. "Mummy. so this is what was giving you that flat tummy?" The SS 3 babe made me promise that before her graduation, I'll lose some weight. Na wa! For this particular SS3 babe, I sha told her that my response to her will come when she births kids in future... I can't wait to ask "Where is that flat tummy?"
  • Then again, I just have to lose weight, I shouldn't be overweight because, the few times I lost weight in the past, my overall health really really improved and I felt physically better everyday, woke up without pains on my feet or lower back and all. 
Losing weight is very possible even though not easy at all. With determination, self will and discipline, with God's help, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and honestly, it's not a sin to say that I don't like looking this way. Nothing wrong with feeling like I prefer my body looking a bit slim (Not skinny though) than it is now. I know there are women who look better when they gain some weight but I don't. I want my flat tummy back' I want to return the Christian mother arms back to sender; I want to delete some folds on my sides. I believe we can have what we want in life if after prayer, we work hard towards that goal.

Today, I woke up at 5am, weighed myself on a digital scale and what you see above is what I am right now. The bathroom was dark, so my feet didn't show clearly but the numbers on the scale are there... 86.5kg.  My height... 5 feet 7 inches  (170cm)

For my body type, I already know that exercise alone does not cut it. If I like, let me exercise 20 hours daily, if I do not eat smaller portions or diet, nothing changes. That's me. I am what I eat! I exercise to tone muscles and keep fit but to lose weight? food contributes 80%. ...Exercise just 20%. Even without exercising, I can lose a whole lot of weight just by eating less carbs but that won't keep me strong and fit. 

Moreso, I want to see if removing sugar, cow milk and diary products from my diet will help with my skin condition, even though Doctors say it's not a disease and doesn't need any medications unless skin bleaching or cosmetic procedures. "Idiopathic Guttate Hypomelanosis" (Google it). Most woman have just a few negligible ones on their legs while few have as much as below. These spots appear mostly on the arms and legs, they come with age and most times affect light skinned women but it's just like when your hair starts to grey, you can't use drugs to stop hair turning grey, you can only apply dye or rock it that way. 

That's my hand and legs crossed. Idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis can be annoying especially as the cause is not known.

I have come to observe that the white spots get  worse when I eat my favourite fruits; mangoes and pineapple; They get worse when I eat cereals with milk and sugar; They get even more worse when I take fruit juices and soft drinks; They starve and my skin looks better when I stay off these foods ad drinks but I kept falling back to temptation. FOOD! I love food oh! I eat until I feel full and that's not how to load the stomach. When I eat well, fill my tank well, I feel happy and relaxed, honestly BUT the happiness begins to fade when weight gain arrives in a night bus!!!
Moving on, for now, I want to drastically cut down on News reporting, focus on this journey and see how it goes and where it gets me. I hope you don't mind?
Everyday, by God's grace, I'll share with us what happened the previous day like what I ate for breakfast, Lunch and dinner, how I exercised and so on. The progress or non of it we'll all follow as we start this journey together. 

Please pray for me to be consistent and disciplined this time around. Help me along the way, please. 
Let's go. This is Day one.


  1. Anonymous3/04/2018

    This is honestly very inspirational! I like this new twist to your blog and I hope that you do see your results. Please be kind and keep us updated with your food posts as you start this journey. Much love

    1. Thank you so much. I'll try my best with updates and food posts.

  2. With you all the way Eya. Every step of the way. Thank you so much Anti.

    1. Thanks a bunch . Much appreciated.

  3. Anonymous3/04/2018

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Keep the posts coming please. You'll sure make it and smile at last. I'm inspired already.

    1. Amen . I won't relent on updates. Thank you for the comment.

  4. Anonymous3/04/2018

    You can do it. I am watching you don't let me down.

  5. Pls continue posting your meals and exercise. I will start with you tomorrow and will be following your meal plan. Wish you luck dear

    1. Welcome to the team Blossom. I'll continue posting by God's grace. Will try my best to document everything.

  6. Anonymous3/06/2018

    Hi, I think you should carry your kids along too, so the whole family gets to eat healthy meals. That way, you don't fall into temptation and you have each other's support. I salute you for making up your mind to be disciplined with food. Well done!! Please take it one day at a time as it's a journey and if you fall, don't beat yourself up, just keep pushing.

    1. Awwwwwwwwn! Thank you so much. You are right, I'll take them along. Thanks again.

  7. This sounds very familiar. Congrats on the bold step and the Lord would see you(us). All the very best.

    1. Thank you so much Debs. Bless you sis.

  8. I stumbled on your Instagrampage and im so joining you on this. I also bought a scale. Im not married but husband to be has been emphasizing i must not get fat. I weigh 72kg qnd im 163 cm. My bmi is currently 26 point something. I really want a lifestyle change so im joining you. I wish we could have a whatsapp grp too re your supporters like me can post what they do to keep ourselves motivated. Ill start commenting on your posts from tomorrow. We can do this.


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