Groundnut soup with eba swallow for day 3.
Day 3 and the scale digits are still dropping. From over 86 kg in day 1 to 84.0kg between Sunday and Tuesday and the good news is that I'm not skipping or avoiding any Nigerian food. Hello Team, we can lose weight with Nigerian food. I am a witness! I'm eating eba, bread, rice and
heavy groundnut soup during these three days of the weight loss journey. This is proof that we can eat what we want and still drop the fat. Another thing I'm so happy about is that I have successfully stayed off sugar, cow milk and dairy products in this three days. Have eaten healthily, the foods that I wanted to eat


I try my best to exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes a day and that's ok. I do my own way push ups, planking, butt kicking, sit ups, push up planks, squats and any other form of exercise that my body carries me to enjoy. From the videos, I can see that I'm still HEAVY. Taking longer seconds to transition from one exercise routine to the other. I can't wait to start gliding like those pros you see on work out apps who exercise like robots springing from one side to the other in 2 seconds. Let's see if by the time I get down below 80kg, if I'll still be slow like this. I don't wish to abeg!

Watch video below: It's so slow uploading long videos to Youtube. This has been so compressed I don't understand again sef. What is showing here is not een half of my complete routine. I'll continue searching for ways to make videos upload faster to Youtube. Just manage this short one and if you can, repeat the routine like 2 times and you are good to go. Did you sweat at all?

I hardly sweat but hubby can start sweating from the first minute of workouts while my body is still looking like I haven't even started, at the end he is soaked and dripping while I look like I just escorted him to exercise. The only place sweat is seen on my body is neck and face, Lolz. Meanwhile, we both did the same workout routine oh. Men sweat more anyways. If you are not sweating that much don't beat yourself, we women sweat just little compared to men, nature takes care of us 👦👧👨👩

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1 slice of bread with a very generous amount of stir fried tomatoes, onion and deboned fish sandwich. I ate some cucumbers after that. Then washed it down with a tall mug of my homemade unsweetened but flavoured soya milk (I'LL POST HOW TO MAKE SOYA BEAN MILK LATER). This was around noon again as I couldn't find time to eat before then.


1 medium sized onion (Diced)
1 large tomato fruit (Diced)
1 large fresh pepper(ground)
2 pieces of boiled and deboned fish (Boil the fish with salt and onion for taste)
1/4 seasoning cube
Salt (Optional)
1/4 cup vegetable oil

  1. Heat the oil in a fry pan. Add the onion, tomatoes, pepper and seasoning, stir for about 8 seconds or more.
  2. Check for taste and add salt only if  needed. I added no salt because when I checked the taste was great maybe because of the fish and seasoning.
  3. Finally, add the deboned already boiled fish and stir before turning off the heat.
  4. Sere with bread, boiled rice, boiled yam, boiled plantain, spaghetti, macaroni and even potatoes.
  5. Enjoy!

 Tomato and fish stir fry. I love stir fried  onion that's why it's much here.

SNACK: I enjoyed an avocado today.

DINNER: Nothing new for new because this groundnut soup I used for lunch on Sunday is still in the freezer still waiting to be eaten. I enjoyed the old soup with my fist sized eba swallow. I love groundnut soups sha, very affordable yet so rich and delicious and filling. Dinner at 4:30pm. Here is a simple recipe for Nigerian groundnut soup cooked with ugu vegetable (Fluted pumpkin) . The one in the picture posted here is greenish because the afang (not ugu) leaves were blended a bit before adding to soup.

My weight has dropped to 84.0kg in just 3 days. Sounds like I'm watching a movie but it's happening to me. My jean trouser I wore today felt a bit lose oh. I don't know if it's my eyes deceiving me or the jean is reducing in size. The picture is clearer today because I took the weighing scale outside. Help me do the calculation 👊👊👊

I wish us luck!
Everything is possible!


  1. Well done Eya, do you get hungry latet after eating at 4.30pm

    1. Yes Nana. I was hungry at 9pm but I drank water instead.

  2. Ashionye3/07/2018

    How do I join please?

    1. You can start immediately by using the first post of Sunday orb startb from today. Scroll right down and enter your email so you start receiving updates as soon as we publish.

  3. You can start immediately by using the first post of Sunday or start from today. Scroll right down and enter your email so you start receiving updates as soon as we publish. You can also share your progress with us to keep you motivated... Send to and it will be published here on the blog and Social Media Handles. #LetsGoThere

  4. Anonymous3/12/2018

    This is so motivating and encouraging!you're an inspiration!

  5. I am getting interested by the day, but I have to become truly determined. You are doing well to drop the weight.. The journey can be demanding.


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