Recipe for Cow-leg white soup

Nigerian white soup is cooked without palm oil even though sometimes I add a few drops of oil to mine. This cow leg white soup is cooked with no oil. Recipe is same as other white soups just the addition of cow leg to this pot. There is no special method of cooking this, just cook cow leg soft and then add to your boiling soup. Cow-legs are very tough but this cooked really fast because I pressure cooked the leg first. If you have our white soup recipe, it is basically the same method with just twists and twerks each time I cook the soup. When you cook with cow leg, it's best to add some other form of protein like fish, beef or chicken because cow leg on it's own is almost tasteless, I added some tiny pieces of

beef to this soup for taste.

1 cow leg cooked tender
1/2 kg beef
3 slices of boiled yam for thickening
A small bunch of pepper/ hot/ uziza leaves.
A small bunch of  uziza seeds
seasoning cubes

  1. Boil cow leg soft with some onion, salt and seasoning cube. Set aside.
  2. Cut the beef into very tiny pieces, steam with salt and onion till tender before adding the already cooked cow leg and its stock.
  3. Pound the slices of yam very soft and add in lumps. Add other ingredients like salt, pepper and seasoning cubes to your taste. Cover and allow to star thickening before adding the vegetabes (Uziza seeds and leaves. Check for taste, stir very well to enable tge pounded yam crumble and thicken the soup.
  4. Cover for about a minute or more, check for doneness. If the soup is thick enough, take out the yam that hasn't yet crumbled so your soup doesn't get too thick. Satisfied with thickness and taste? Turn off the heat.
Note that you can increase thickness with some baking flour just in case. In place of yam, you can also thicken with boiled and pounded cocoyam.
Serve hot.

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