My Friend's Weird Relationship With Her Uncle; Should I Do Something?

Good morning Aunt Eya, I need advise from the wives connection blog, Please help me share without my details. I’ve had a close relationship with one of my friends since the days of Secondary School and we are now in our twenties and, graduated from Uni though none of us don get work. My friend has lost her father as a teenager and probably because of that she is close to her uncle (Her
dad's younger brother). Her uncle has just a son who is not living with them, he schooling overseas. My friend had told me that she felt lonely at times so she occasionally spent time with her uncle, who’s now in his late 50s. My friend and this uncle occasionally go to some over night trips either to see some relatives or she accompanying him on his personal trips and on their way they need to stay over night in a hotel and they share the same (tiny) hotel room. His wife works and resides in a different city and they only visit occasionally.
Maybe their relationship is more on the friendship level though I could never stay over night in a same room with my kinsman or uncle but who am I to judge them?
Ok, the thing is that years ago when we went for on an over night trip with this friend and her uncle for the commemoration of some family member, we were both teenagers then, but everything is still fresh in my memory. The uncle bought us some booze and stayed in the hotel room with us for a while. When my friend was out of sight at the moment he kind of started to sexually harass me like, touch inappropriately. I immediately left the room and never said anything about it to my friend. That’s not all. Earlier at the same evening my friend was saying something like older men can be really full of charm and very caring. Her uncle heard that and kind of got excited about the comment and replied something like how he is about to get an erection (!) if we continue to talk that way ??? That might have been a joke and (perhaps the alcohol in his system) but I still find it very weird that who would say something like that to a niece even if it’s a joke. this combined with the fact that they are staying in the same hotel room...
I know that my friend feels lonely at times so she kind of enjoys the relationship with her uncle. From my friend’s point of view their relationship is sincerely just a family tie/friendship. But I also feel that my friend might be a bit naive and not realise it even if he assaulted her then since he's is family, and maybe it’s hard for her to think something “bad” about her relatives.
 I don’t actually know why after so many years this came to my mind. But have been actually thinking about this recently. I have a feeling that I should tell my friend how her uncle behaved towards me years ago and “remind” her about the specific comment that her uncle made in order for my friend to probably rethink the closeness and if she really wants to share a tiny hotel room with him in the future anymore. 
Do you guys think I’m blowing this whole thing out of proportion or being too sensitive? since we are adults now and this happened years ago, I'm confused  and thinking ...Should I just forget the whole thing and let my friend be since she is not a child anymore?



  1. Blowing out of proportion ke? As far as I am concerned, your friend is in an intimate and sexual relationship with her uncle and needs help. He obviously started touching her as a child and she's grown into it, thinking that it's normal. You need to talk to her about it but you have to be careful or she'll build a defensive wall around herself and shut you out. You can tactically begin with a ficticious story of a young lady who has been dating her uncle for quite a while and how it's incest and a big sin and how it could have repercussions.

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  2. Anonymous4/05/2016

    Are u an i-reporter?

  3. Start d fiction story with siblings and blood related having sex and how bad things happen to dem. Don't call uncle bcos she might code immediately. Tell her u over heard ppl talking about such. Say it with emotion.


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