How To Make Snail Kebabs

 Snail kebabs I made for dinner.
These tasted really good, if not, I'll warn you guys. The gigantic pot of snails  got cleared as soon as I grilled the kebabs. Even my baby that can't stand pepper enjoyed these kebabs so much we thought his little stomach was going to burst,  he kept asking for more, more, more. I love the crunch and the flavour. To make crunchy snails, we know the recipe already na. Just follow the How to make crunchy snails recipe. OR The peppered snail recipe. Boil washed
snails with some salt, add seasoning if you want. When done, Remove snails from sauce, pin onto skewers with your choice of vegetables. I used green peppers for green colour, had only one left at home, so when it got exhausted, I used cucumbers to get my green colour.

INGREDIENTS For these kebabs: 
20 Medium sized snails
1 green pepper that wasn't enough
1 small ccucumber that replaced the green pepper
1 large tatashey
1 large onion
3 leaves of cabbage
1 tablespoon oil to grease
1 small pack skewers

 Make snails crunch with salted boiling water first

 That's my pepper sauce


 brushed in pepper sauce before grilling.

 Added those white parts for my enjoyment. I eat everything
Grilled at 200 degrees
 Inviting and delicious
You can do this without a grill. Use your lightly greased non stick fry pan.

Happy Grilling.


  1. Delicious. IS it ok to add fruits?

  2. Anonymous5/04/2016

    Please where Can I get the stick for the snail.

    1. Where you find tooth picks at the supermarkets. Skewers are packed like toothpicks but they are much longer than both tooth and snack picks.


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