Coconut Milk Moi Moi With Tuna Chunks

Coconut milk moi moi with tuna chunks appeared first on wives connection.
Well cooked super delicious coconut milk moi moi.
 The combination of coconut  milk with tuna chunks in Nigerian moi moi is something we need right now. Good nutrition. We have moi moi recipes on the blog already and if you think there's no need for this, then try it and see yourself cooking moi moi daily because
you cannot resist this. Moi moi cooked with coconut milk and and tuna chunks is so delicious we all have just overfed ourselves. I could not stop after one wrap, had to open another. 

When I posted the pictures of this brown coconut moi moi initially, I knew that you guys might not try cooking that because of the colour and even me sef, with all the delicious taste, I still had to give it away because that colour wasn't really inviting. Cooking this, I made sure I removed all the beans skin so the colour doesn't turn dark again. You know what? These days making moi moi has become really easy because we don't have to scrub and pound to skin the beans. With a food processor or blender, beans skin can be removed in seconds. I used a food processor here and in less than a minute beans washing was done with. Moi moi and akara lovers can eat their delicacies daily now as beans skinning is no longer a difficult task.
Don't we all just love this coconut milk moi moi? If you want the colour very red, add more tatashe.
coconut milk moi moi served in leaves
A serving of coconut milk moi moi

ingredients for coconut milk moi moi
Some ingredients, tatashey and onion waiting to be chopped, tuna, bouillon seasoning cubes


  1. 3 cups (half mudu) beans
  2. two table spoons oil (optional) because coconut milk contains coconut oil.
  3. 3 medium sized onion
  4. 5 large tatashey ( red bell peppers)
  5. 2 bouillon  cubes
  6. 2 cans tuna chunks. You can use corned beef if you like.
  7. 1/2 can coconut milk. You can use more or less depending on how hard or soft you want your moi moi. The ground beans looked like there was some water in there already so, I used just half a can of milk so I don't cook moi moi pudding.
  8. Broad leaves. You can cook with foil or cellophane bags or bake in the oven with muffin cups
  9. Salt to taste. Be careful with salt as tuna and seasoning may already have salt. Carefully Add salt last. Too much is not good for moi moi. Better with no salt than too much

Blended  beans for coconut milk moi moi
Ground beans

Adding some grand soya oil 

Crushing in the seasoning cubes

First I soaked the beans for just 5 minutes, emtied into the food processor and pulsed until I saw that all the skins were off, that didn't take upto a minute.
Next I rinsed the skin off the beans, milled with the tatashe and chopped onions.
After milling, I added the seasoning cubes, coconut milk, stirred well before adding the tuna because I want to chew the chunks while eating my moi moi. Stirred briefly, checked for salt before wrapping in washed leaves.
Moi moi is wrapped in the pot, I add some drops of boiling water before turning on the heat. Moi moi is cooked by steaming, so you don't add too much water. Just check often and top water until cooking is done. Too  much water at once will seep into the wrapped beans and ruin your cooking. Half cooked moi moi doesn't seat well cuz that's beans. I let this boil for 45 minutes before turning off the heat. It's still ok to let yours cook for say 50 to 60 minutes to be sure you not eating raw beans.
Enjoy your meal!

Adding coconut milk to make moi moi
Adding some milk, if you can't find milk, you can add water to Emma milk powder and use or blend coconuts and drain out the milk for use.

Adding fish to make moi moi
Adding tuna chunks. You can cook with tuna flakes but there'll not be fish chunks to chew sha

Adding the second can of tuna

Beans is wrpaped in leaves and waiting to cook

 Cooked moi moi can be served with rice or drinking garri or even eating as a main the way I enjoyed mine

coconut milk moi moi with fish particles
Delicious and filling

 This is one tuna chunk, there are more in there.
Btw, images are loading super fast these days, it's unbelievable. Thank you.


  1. Wow, welldone Eya, quick question... can one add boiled eggs o this moi moi?

  2. I've never tried moi moi with coconut milk but I'll do that the next time I make moi moi. Thank you for this Aunty Eya.

    For amazing stories on blogsphere, visit

    1. Thank you Dezzy, please do,so deli and you know the health benefits of coconut milk.

  3. Anonymous2/09/2016

    Nice one! Will do it wen d ous is full!

  4. Does the coconut milk give it a better taste?

    1. A kind of different delicious taste for variety.Coconut milk itself has no taste sef but it adds something different to the moi moi.

    2. That's same ad the stock cubes we use.

  5. Anonymous2/10/2016

    Aunty Eya please which is bouillon cubes?not conversant with it.thanks

    1. You find it around the seasoning section of any supermarket. You can use Maggi or knorr cubes.

  6. Anonymous2/10/2016

    Aunty Eya please which is bouillon cubes? Not conversant with it.thanks.

  7. Mrs H#2/10/2016

    Madam Eya d amazing chef u added oil and also d oil inside d tuna, wasnt it too oily? How can i wrap with leaves please? Reply please.

    1. No not oily at all. I didn't add much oil. One tuna was in water. You can use tuna in water na. Scroll up and look at the cooked moi moi. No oily.

  8. Mrs H#, follow this link to see how I wrap.

  9. It mustn't be tuna, you can cook with any fish of choice, just make sure the fish is cooked or better still fried before adding to ground beans. You can add shredded chicken cut in tiny bits sef for more enjoyment but don't add raw.

  10. Yummy Yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Good morning, please do you have a watsapp group

  12. Boy am I glad I came across soooo excited to try it out...I googled coconut beans moimoi after I added some coconut flakes to my beans and I'm glad I did.I'm so trying this out. Thanks alot


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