The Perfect Eyebrow Tip I Learnt Today

This is my eyebrow now, compared to before I started this fashion blog. We are getting there. 

My Eyebrow pencil job has really improved in the last few days compared to how funny I used to line these brows. I just learnt a very important tip that every fashion loving busy woman needs to know. In this chat with Lizzy Obaze, remember her colorful nutritious recipes on wives connection?  she kindly gives me some tips on how to keep rocking those perfect eyebrows without stress. I'm sharing the chat here with her permission. Read it below:

Aunty Eya. Just read the post on the fashion blog about your little teal blue dress.

Your eyebrows have really gotten better. You have fixed the shape and that alone gives the face a completely different look.
Your shape is to die for and your skin is glowing.  Don't hide your shape under loose fitting clothes all the time. Sometimes go for fitted and classy.

Eya Replies: Hahaha, My Lovely sister Lizzy,  it's you guys now, no matter how hard I try to ignore, the bashing won't let me continue with my " I don't care attitude" I'm trying to be better courtesy ladies like you.thank you for reading, don't mind me o, I'll still drop some calories. Bless you plenty.

Lizzy:As you mentioned already u can use a better camera or download photo apps on your phone so you can adjust the quality of the fashion blog pics.

To save you drawing eye pencil daily to get the right shape for your eyebrows, you can get the shape right by getting them threaded or waxed every 2-3 weeks. I ask them to tint mine after threading as the shape lasts up to 6 weeks when I tint them.

Below is the lovely Lizzy Obaze, you can see her beautifully shaped brows as a busy mom, that area is settled and she's always ready to go:

God help me find a make up studio here in Abuja where my eyebrows can be perfectly shaped and tinted cos I'm in.

Thanks Lizzy and, may I use this opportunity to thank once again everyone that has left comments on either of my blogs. I have learnt so much and now a better person because your words are my inspiration. When I started sharing my recipes on wives connection,  I didn't know much but contributions from readers have taught me so so much more just the way starting this Nigerian fashion blog has made me more conscious of my look already. The blog is just a few days old and I'm already improving on so many things. I think the best advice I can give us now is ...You want to know more about something? Start Blogging about that thing. We get better at anything by doing it. 


  1. Debbie7/13/2015

    We love you Eya for being so open to positive criticism
    You're loved

    1. Thank you dear Debbie, bless you much much much .


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