Fertility Issues, Tubal Flushing Help

I have been getting so many of these mails lately and it feels so bad replying that I don't have the Doctor's contact  anymore. We once posted about fertility issues and a sister sent me her Doctor's contact to send only to the poster, that's a long time ago and I don't have it anymore, that's why I'm posting this mail. If you see this and can help this poster and others with the contact of that Doctor that did a successful job on you, the contact you sent me was deleted afterwards, please leave a comment to help other women too. Thank you.

Below is one of the mails:

Hi Eya, 
I visited your blog and one of the anonymous comments 
said she did tubal flushing as regards fertility issues and she said she dropped the gynea contact that did it for her. I will appreciate if you can send the details of the gynea to me as I want to do same proceedure. 

I await your response.

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  1. Is there anything as tubal flushing, or she means HSG

  2. Aunty Eya, it depends on the writers location, cos I know some very good fertility clinics where I live.

  3. Yeah it really depends on the location, i know some really good ones in LAgos

  4. Anonymous7/06/2015

    Hi Jane can u please drop the contact of the ones in lagos I stay in lagos too


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