Weekend Recipe; Shredded Chicken Gravy With Curried Rice

 Shredded chicken gravy with curried rice.
This weekend, the rains are here with cold, *let's try something very delicious and nutritious by Mavis Immanatue. Your family and friends will love this. I'll add links to related posts later. Start cooking
and licking. If you are for some swallow this weekend, Relax, don't worry, I'm off to look for some easy to swallow, fun to cook, very tasty Nigerian soup for you to try. Check back...okay back with Chubby Ella's Rivers State Native Soup.
Care for a good local drink?  Let's try Deborah Bala Nigerian Zobo drink

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  1. Sassy mom5/16/2015

    Thank you poster. I just finished making this rice and it turned out excellentee. Plate clearing is what I look forward to right now. My kitchen aroma eh,smells like a five star restaurant kitchen, hahaha, like when you walk into Mr Biggs or something.

  2. Anonymous6/18/2015

    I made this on Tuesday and hubby so liked it he kept saying this is 10 over 10, hmmmmm perfect, restaurant quality. Looking at it on the plate alone was mouth watery and the aroma and taste wow super.


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