Suya Jollof Rice By Omalicha

Suya jollof rice served with egg and vegetables. Oh No not suya, this is another emergency rice she cooked months ago without suya but with same process.
 Okay this is what happend, the food was inspired by the fact that I didn't want chicken and chips for dinner which is what everyone was having.i wanted skmething ricy and spicy. But there was no frozen meat or chicken or fish or any animal in the I went to the junction and bought suya(allow them put enough suya pepper,beef and gizzard)N1000 worth. So that with every spoon I take I crunch something.
3 cups Rice
N500 worth Suya or more if you can afford
2 Red and 2 yellow pepper
3 large carrots 
1 Green chili
1 large Onion
Just a pinch of grated ginger
1 clove garlic
Turkey or chicken stock I used from a previous meal
1/2 teaspoon Thyme

How to cook suya jollof rice

  1. slice all the veggies including the suya into tiny bits
  2. Mixed them all up and set aside
  3. Wash rice about 4 times with lukewarm water (I dont parboil unless i'm making white rice)
  4. In a dry pot add rice, turkey stock or any stock you have at home even beef stock and seasoning.mix all up, check for seasoning add more water.
  5. Put on heat to cook.
  6. On medium heat in a large pan, put about one cooking spoon of olive oil and when hot add all your veggies and suya, then stir fry.
  7. Pour contents in frying
pan into already soft cooked rice, stir with a wooden spoon and turn off heat.
The rice is supposed to be white with veggies giving it some pop of colour,
I hate green rice so I totally ignored curry. I will send a picture of the pot I snapped last night, and then another emergency rice I made months ago with the same process only without suya.
A steaming hot pot of delicious suya jollof rice.
 This suya jollof rice is another yummy emergency jollof rice. Well, I sent a mail to congratulate Omalicha on her great new job, A very juicy one but thing is, it doesn't give her time to cook delicacies like she used to, reason we stopped seeing her updates. I was awed when she told me and wanted to know how she did it so she sent these 2 pics and the recipe.

She actually replied with wonderful, intelligent suggestions and tips on how to take our wives connection to the next level which by God's grace is starting soon.

Omalicha is one of those who have shared some very wonderful posts like  handy tips for every marriage and relationship. Very creative kitchen tips And  Recipes like peppered variety rice and mutton now that she can't find time to do some cooking, we will continue to make do with the published ones: Her egg casserole generated arguments yet she continued to cook and share just like Lizzy whose edikang ikong soup got some anonymouses talking and even when we thought she'd be discouraged, she kept on cooking and sharing.

Well, back to Omalicha and her delicacies, Remember her special pancake rolls which got reloaded by her sister Dinma? The fluffy lemom cakes . The very tasty plantain empanada. Special potato salad. I just remembered now that a reader cooked with Omalicha's recipes, watched her husband enjoy his meals and then came on here to ask Omalicha for help.  Ok, let me stop here now.

Delicious, Nutritious Emergency jollof rice
Enjoy quick cook nutritous meals.
Coming soon... Beans, corned beef macaroni
Hehehe Our old post on  emergency jollof rice is still getting lots of pageviews from you guys o, so, I made another one yesterday with baked beans, red kidney beans and others for the very health conscious ones. Once I'm done writing the recipe, complete step by step pics will appear on the blog.

Omalicha couldn't take step by step pics cos it was late, she was exhausted and hungry but with the explanation, we should be able to reproduce the suya jollof rice.


  1. ♥Omalicha♥9/08/2014

    Awww, i feel loved!! see how aunty Eya is just washing me and making my head swell. There is God o!
    Now my whole day is going to be awesome cos I barely settled in before opening this my mini culinary biography.
    I love you all im still here o and I will try to drop comments and posts more often #hugsandkisses!

  2. Mrs Dayo9/08/2014

    Lovely combination. I pray the mallam behind my house makes some chicken suya today.
    Ehen Oma baby, can one combine chicken suya with beef suya for this?

  3. Anonymous9/08/2014

    Suya and rice? won't the jollof taste like groundnut? Am asking because suya has roasted groundnuts added.

  4. Good job Oma. Look colourful and reminds me of Kenyan/east African Pilau rice. Lol @ mini culinary biography.

  5. ♥Omalicha♥9/08/2014

    Mrs Dayo, I have actually combined chicken and beef suya for spaghetti before and it was great. So yes you can.

    Anon 4:34, the rice didnt taste anything like groundnut o, maybe if I have used kilishi it would have. But this one tasted just nice and the suya aroma didnt even overpower. So dont worry, its awesome.

  6. Anonymous9/08/2014

    Be careful with the suya. Ebola is real.


  7. Brandy9/08/2014

    Ebola? Should we stop eating food. She ddnt cook with monkey, chimpanzee or gorilla suya. It's beef suya pls.

  8. Congrats Oma, on ur juicy job! More blessings.
    Aunt Eya biko post that food i see...drolling

  9. Anonymous9/13/2014

    I never said food!! I said meat, and how sure are you that its beef they are smoking. Please if u are frustrated don't pour it one me. Besides I only made an observation its up to you to take it. KMT

  10. Desiree9/21/2014

    Not that am dissing but this is more of concoction rice and not jollof.


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