Omi Atanifa Soup For New Moms By Deborah Bala

A pot of omi atanifa soup

This is a kind of soup made by the bode people of Edo state. It is also good for women that just delivered. Made this for a friend that delivered via CS so I used minimal pepper unlike the previous post partum pepper soup. Ingredients. Scent leaves. Uziza leaves. Spice( don't know the English names but the pictures are available) garlic. Pepper onions. Groundnut. Seasoning.  

Procedure. Wash the fish properly, pluck the leaves and wash properly to remove dirt. Blend or
grind the scent leaves uziza leaves pepper onions together. Pound the spices and garlic. Season the fish in a clean pot with garlic, salt and Maggi. Pour the ground paste on top. Allow to boil, heat up red oil and fry the ground groundnut.  Add the fired groundnut into the soup in little quantity as you stir.( pls don't put too much groundnut as some people believe that too much groundnut makes the baby purge)

uziza leaves, pepper and onions

washed and seasoned catfish

Scent leaves, looking dry cos they are not in season now

Spicy  Nigerian soup for new moms


  1. Anonymous2/24/2014

    Deborah, one of the spices, the thin looking one is called Uda in igbo language.

  2. Anonymous2/24/2014

    Omhi Atsanefua. That's d correct spelling. U r welcome

  3. Anonymous2/24/2014

    Mothers good day!
    Pls my baby turned 1yr last week. I'm trying to wean her
    The whole of yesterday I didn't breast feed her but @ night the pain on my breast became so unbearable I had to breastfeed her even though she didn't ask for it.
    Today I'm dtermined to try again but as I type this she is crying seriously for breast.
    Pls mums give me tips on how to go about it and how to ease d pain in my breast.
    Thank u and God bless u

    1. Anonymous2/25/2014

      Stop gradually. Express when d pain gets too much.

  4. Anonymous2/26/2014

    @ Anon, I rubbed aloe vera gel on my breast n placed my baby on d breast, she fled by tasting d bitterness n didn't come close to it again. It was done for 3days n she forgot about it. Hope it helps.

  5. hey I remember this soup. Mom made it for me when I had my baby, am bode too.... Thanks for this

  6. Anonymous4/27/2014

    what are the spices in a pod beside the uda called? is scent leaf nchuanwu leaves??/

  7. Anonymous5/18/2015

    Can we see what OWO soup from Edo State, Nigeria looks like on this page?


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