Ewedu Soup Cooking Procedure In Pictures By Yinka


Ewedu soup

A serving of ewedu soup.
There was a food post  on this blog, where I
wished that I know how to cook some other soups like ewedu and
gbegiri. Yinka saw that post and decided to help us out with the recipes. Gbegiri will be published later or tomorrow.

Ingredients for ewedu soup:

The ingredients varies on the quantity of the leaves
But for a bunch say 50 naira worth. You'll need

1 bunch Ewedu leaves

One cup of water / 250ml
Salt to taste
One teaspoon of grounded crayfish(optional)
Locust beans (one tablespoon)
The broom for mashing/ blender
Little quantity of potash

1.  Pluck your ewedu leaves
Place your water to boil with the potash inside, once its boiled add your ewedu leaves.

2 boil for another 5-7mins, then turn off the heat and mash with your broom/ blender (if using blender, leave it to be lukewarm before blending)

3 place back to the cooker, place on low heat, add your salt, crayfish and locust beans. leave to simmer for 3-5mins...

4. Turn off

heat and serve with your stew / gbegiri.

PS... Make sure your potash is not too much or else your ewedu would come out brown and it would loose its drawing effect.

Goodluck *smiles*

ewedu leaves

Boiling ewedu leaves

Ewed can be blended or stirred with a soup broom 

A yummy pot of ewedu soup

Adding ingredients to cooked ewedu soup

Locust beans in ewedu soup
A small serving of ewedu soup


  1. thanks for this post,but to me it's not detailed enough o,do u use potash? and if yes how is the quantity,because d ewedu i do prepare doesn't draw and im really confused of what could av led to that,i love taking ewedu,but d ones i prepared doesn't draw,kindly assist.

    1. Add little potash. That's what makes it drwa

  2. Anonymous11/01/2013

    Aunty eya n wc family,pls how do i get rid of bedbugs in my house.pls help.

    1. Anonymous11/02/2013

      Use sniper. It doesn't fail.

  3. This is the old school and traditional way of making ewedu, trust modernization... Ewedu is now blended with a blender and then cooked! What a relief!

    1. Anonymous6/14/2014

      That modern way of blending desytroy the tast. Ilove the ttraditional method with broom. I sincerely appreciate the aiuthor of the article whomI know will be a very good house wife. Thanks. Stephen

  4. Thank you so much Ma Eya for this sermon. Am blessed.
    Happy new month

  5. @ first poster, yes you put a little potash in the pot after putting water, once the water is boiled, add ur ewedu, boil for a few more mins then mash with that broom, I prefer the broom but u can use blender, after mashing the leaves, add a little salt, crayfish and locust beans(some people use egusi). Leave on low heat for another 3mins and turn off your heat... Try it out and let me know...

    Aunty Eya pls go thru the first mail for the procedure and ingredients, I explained it into details..

    1. Thank you Yinka 4 dis.....I used to add cryfish, salt and maggi in d water b4 putting d leaves, the I noticed d soup comes out flat...I started adding pottash but no much I know I will only aDd potash, finsih cooking my soup b4 adding others...God bless Ʊ real good.

    2. Yes I checked the first mail. It's gbegiri recipe. Can you resend the ewedu? I didn't get that. See the mail below:
      I saw it on your pizza post that u needed gbegiri recipe. And since I love to cook, and partly Oyo and Ondo state indigene, I decided to help out.


      Serves 4
      Beans 1 cup
      Palmoil (1.5 serving spoon)
      Habanero Pepper/ Rodo (some people use dry pepper also known as cayenne pepper)
      Stock cubes
      Potash ( a little)
      Salt to taste
      Locust beans (optional)


      Peel ur beans like you would do to moinmoin, place a pot on medium heat, add ur potash and boil till its soft, blend ur pepper (6pieces would do) to a smooth paste, I use the traditional broom to mash my beans the same way it is done for ewedu, but in place of the b room a blender can be used.. The beans must be warm not scalding hot before blending so you don't destroy ur blender. Once the beans is in a smooth paste either from blender/broom, place back on low heat, add one single stock cube, your pepper and ur oil, then u stir. Add salt to taste and a little water to reduce the thickness. Leave on low heat for 5mins, if u want to put locust beans, now is the perfect time, add it and let it steam for 1min. Turn off the heat and serve hot.

      PS.. Gbegiri gets thickened when cold, little water can be added when warming. I'll send in Ewedu tomorrow

  6. Wooww! This soup looks so easy to make, and won't take time. Thanks for teaching yinka. Donno if karkashi leaf in hausa is the same as ewedu leaf.

    1. Anonymous11/02/2013

      If it draws then it is.

  7. Replies
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  8. BeBe BeebeeNovember 2, 2013 at 5:42 AM
    Makes d egusi draw very well....also makes Okro drwa very well too.
    The trick is use very small, say a quater or half of a season cube size dependin on d size of ur soup.

    1. Anonymous11/02/2013

      What? Egusi or ogbono? Which one?

    2. Lol.......its ewedu

  9. Potash softens the leaves...

  10. Anonymous11/02/2013

    @ Debora Bala,karkashi is nt d same as ewedu;its nrmly called ‘ayoyo‘/ ‘lalo‘ in d north u can mix ayoyo wit litte karkashi & u ll luv d aroma.

  11. I wonder at palm oil not being used at all,...
    Oh, well, I've never eaten ewedu soup before.

  12. In love with this blog.
    just because i don't need a tutor to teach me how to cook both traditional and other dishes.


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