Couscous Served With Fried Shrimps And Plantain By Deborah Bala

A plate of couscous with shrimps and  plantain
Couscous can be cooked plain, and served with a sauce. However I prefer mine in a jellof form. Fry the ingredients ( I ground pepper tomato and onions in the blender ) after frying add little water ( pls set aside hot water in a kettle because you are not to put
cold water once the couscous is on fire) I added my minced meat, diced gizzard, diced kidney( this is optional)  add the couscous, once you put it in the pot reduce the burner to the lowest, it will look like porridge don't worry, use the spoon that has two mouth like a fork or use a fork to stir it. 

It will look better, add the hot water in the couscous if it  still looks strong. Add your vegetables ( I used green pepper, carrot, spring onions, green peas) after two minutes turn off the heat. I added little salt and Maggi to the shrimps and fried, same with the plantain


Minced meat, diced gizzard, diced kidney

Blended pepper, tomatoes and onion
Frying couscous

Frying shrimps

fried couscous ingredients

 runner beans, carrot, spring onions, green peas

 Adding vegetables to couscous
A yummy serving of couscous with shrimps and plantain


  1. Wow. My oh my. Deborah in conjunction with Aunt Eya oh... Why this on a holy morning? I'm salivating o. Kai. Have mercy on me na. Deborah;

    1. Please when are you going to invite me over?
    2. I really want to commend you cos every single recipe the past week has been from you. Great job!
    3. When are you inviting me over? :-) #importantmatters

    1. Ah Jay! You are always welcome dear! Dats if kaduna doesn't seem dangerous to you, courts are on vacation now so I have lots of free time to cook! U all inspire me thanks.

  2. Deborah oooo you're on a roll!
    This is really really nice! God bless you for all the posts.

  3. Anonymous7/28/2013

    Debo no go wonjure person this morning oo.
    You are doing a great Job and God bless your home.
    Happy Sunday WCers#bb smiles#

    1. Thanks dear! Its been ages I heard someone call me Debo Debo, brings back fond memories.

  4. Pls is couscous rice? I've never seen it before.

    1. Anonymous7/28/2013

      Me too it looks nice though.

    2. Cous cous I don't know how to explain what it is oo! But I will snap the pack and send to Anty Eya! I know its very tiny in a grain like form, its good for weight watching and ppl with diabetes, golden penny has, dangote also and dia is another company that produces there own in a cartoon form, hope this explains it, or just ask the market ppl for it or supermarket.

    3. Anonymous7/28/2013

      Couscous is a type of North African semolina, made from crushed durum wheat.

  5. Anonymous7/28/2013

    xplain wt couscous is abeg?

  6. Yes o! Whts couscous?

  7. Anonymous7/28/2013

    Its not rice, it looks like garri. It comes in pack and sold in shops, check shoprite, park and shop 4 it.

  8. Earthly wonders...


  9. cute-mom-to-be7/28/2013

    Debbieeeeeeee!! Dis is not fair oooo... Its been long I had couscous and now u make crave 4 it badly... I knw its northern food but I enjoy and last had it when I was in abuja. So u mean its now sold in shoprite and dem likes? Please what section can it be found (@shoprite)cos I am in lagos and pray I can find it here ooo..
    Great job dear,God bless ur home!

    1. Cute mum to be you can even get it in normal market, anyplace they sell pasta, golden penny n dangote have also. You will definitely see it in lagos, and u will enjoy it.

  10. Anonymous7/28/2013

    Couscous is pasta in grain form

  11. Anonymous7/28/2013

    @ Debo,pls can i gt shrimps @ zaria?

  12. Good job Debs. Looks great and seems like it would taste great too.

    The only time I ever had couscous put me off it, probably 'cos it wasn't well prepared.

    This has got me interested again, thanks.

    ps: a lot seems to have happened since I was last here, a new blog and all. It's a bit distracting going back and forth but I guess I'll just have to get used to it :-)

  13. Anonymous7/28/2013

    Pls anty debby is couscous Acha?

  14. Anonymous7/29/2013

    Great job Debby and thanks so much. Please whats couscous and where can one get it from?

  15. I don't know where to get shrimps frm in zaria, anon11:03 acha is not cous cous just ask in the market!

  16. Debz, thanks! You are on fire these days!

  17. Anonymous4/22/2014

    Hi Deborah,
    Your dish looks delicious. I was wondering if you could post a more completely translated version of this recipe because I am African-American and want to make sure I cook this dish properly. Thank you. Best regards


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