Nigerian Jollof Rice Without Vegetables

A plate of  tasty jollof rice.
Jollof rice is always present at every foodious Nigerian event. It is one meal I never get tired of eating. Even after enjoying mine at home before leaving, I'm still very much interested in the one served at the events' reception. I don't know why but I hate missing the jollof at any event I attend.

Sometimes, I boil the rice with thyme, onion, salt and seasoning before mixing with the already prepared stew.This method varies the taste and aroma. I don't add
curry here but enough thyme and benny spice. The only reason I have Benny spice at home is because it is superb for rice. I cook my soups and other meals with seasoning cubes and cook rice with Benny spice or that monosodium glutamate they call white maggi. Many people don't eat it because they think it is bleach. If only
we start reading labels to know that monosodium glutamate is present in our seasoning cubes.

  1. FreshTomato stew
  2. Tomato paste
  3. Soya oil
  4. Onion
  5. Hard chicken 11/2kg
  6. Pepper 
  7. Salt
  8. Seasoning
  9. Water 
  10. Thyme
  11. 2 cups rice
Adding tomato paste to chicken stew with fried onion
Adding ingredients and stirring to fry
 Empty the stew into a cooking pot 
Let stew simmer, check for salt before and after adding water
Adding enough water to stew  before adding washed rice
Adding Benny spice
Adding thyme
Adding parboiled washed rice to boiling stew, continue to add water and check for salt till rice is tender
Water dries up as heat is reduced to prevent  the pot from burning
Jollof rice is cooked without vegetables
Well cooked soft jollof rice
A pot of cooked jollof rice
Nigerian jollof rice
Jollof rice
Nigerian jollof rice cooked without vegetable is best served with coleslaw.


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  1. sister5/30/2013

    This looks delicious but I sometimes add ginger and garlic but I will try this method

    1. U don come for this post abi with ur bag of tricks but u are in for a surprise

    2. Anonymous5/30/2013

      @Funke, please close your eyes and ignore. Let us move forward dearie.

    3. Anonymous5/30/2013

      Never,that is y this country is in this mess.let's join hands and kick this bitch outta this joint

    4. Anonymous5/30/2013

      You guys this is the fake sister. The real one is now called 'Una mama'

  2. Aww! I even prefer my jollof rice,this naked without all those vegetables. av missed the normal bazzar and wedding jollof rice. now what they do is confuse u with all those vegetables with lil rice.
    NB:song for the road Labrinth feat Emeli Sande(Beneath you're beautiful)

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Aww...that is one of my best songs. I totally love Labyrinth. All his songs are on point.

      *singing to myself* Would you let me, see beneath your beautiful....

    2. *continues singing*

      *Would you let me, see beneath your perfect?
      Take it off now off boy, take it off now boy, I wanna see inside*

  3. Brandy5/30/2013

    Thanks Aunty Eya, this is new to me. I always boil my rice soft and then mix with stew to make jollof. You are blessed.

    1. Brandy please try this method next time u cook jellof rice. You'll notice it has a different aroma and taste to it and the colour is not so pale and its not soo sticky.I can assure you you'll love it.

      Good job aunty Eya. One quick question- how can I stop jellof rice from burning? I usually leave on full heat for 10mins after pouring the rice into the sauce then turn to very low heat and use foil paper to cover it as well as the pot lid for 15mins but it still burns a little. When the pot is empty n I'm washing it I notice an adult large portion of d burnt bit is what I scoop into d bin.

    2. @Lizzy, reduce the quantity of tomatoes you use for jollof and avoid stirring the rice while it cooks. Once you have checked for salt and seasoning, Let it simmer and cook without disturbance.

    3. Just like Aunt Eya said Lizzy, don't stir the rice. Just pour it into your stew mixture and leave it to boil. Don't stir it at all to mix it, just pour and leave it to cook. Only stir when you are sure the rice is soft and ready to be stirred towards the end.

    4. *leave it to cook

    5. @ aunty Eya and Jay thank you. I'm guilty of stirring the rice b4 it softens and most times too much tomatoes. Hopefully I'll have non-burnt jellof next time.

    6. Anonymous5/30/2013

      Thanks eya. 3gbosa 4u. I made the green jollof rice and pan fried soft chicken. I can't begin to express my gratitude 4d green jollof cos my mind never thot of it until I came across this blog. My husband and I cleared the plate and was unable to snap 4u(BB smiley sad face).I am trying this next time. Stay blessed.


  4. Jellof rice is just d best, I prefer it to fried rice, espc dat wedding rice that has this smoky smell. Yummy! This looks nice, thumbs up

  5. This is the way I cook my jollof rice. Its always so yummy,the sauce 'enters' the rice well. Well done Eya.

  6. Anonymous5/30/2013

    Aunt Eya isn't it a but watery? In Ghana we cook it in such a way that the rice can be seperated one by one. Please don't delete my comment I just want to know if Nigerians eat their rice sticky. Cos this in Ghana would be a failed jollof rice

    1. Anonymous5/30/2013

      I hate d fact that ppl now feel that a criticism means Eya will delete d comment. Eya its so uncomfortable to feel ur blog has resulted to this. Now dis innocent commenter is not even sure if her constructive criticism will pass ur test. It shudnt be like dis.
      My dear anon 7.25, I understand wat u r saying. I had a ghanian flat mate and her jollof was one one and lookd so good. Ghanians a ver good in cooking jollof rice.
      I wish u will take pics wen next u cook urs so Eya can post it.
      We don't mind learning diff techniques. Cheers.

  7. Anonymous5/30/2013

    @ lizzy if you try this method and you still have burnt rice, change your pot. Some pots are only good in burning foods mostly jollof rice. I bought one ste of all dis fancy pot and it was always burning my foods even if you use it to boil water it will

    1. Thanks anon. I'll ensure I use a non-stick pot next time to avoid burnt rice.

  8. Anonymous5/30/2013

    @ anon 7:45 teach use how you ppl cook it in ghana or you can cook and send to Eya so that she can post it. I rmber when Mimi of BBA frm ghana jollof rice, after pouring the rice inside the stew without per boil the rice first of all, she than put it inside the oven to cook. Everybody in the house was purging as if dere is no 2moro, Uti's own was the worst and she said that's how they cook it in ghana

    1. Yes in Ghana we cook our jollof differently and YES its way tastier than the ones made in Nigeria.Our jollof is quiet dry and doesn't stick @ all.
      I don't know how Mimi cooked hers but the last thing u are supposed to get from cooking jollof is running stomach!food u shd fear in Ghana of getting runs is 'groundnut soup' not jollof!
      And we ALWAYS cook it as shown above,mixing plain rice wit stew is an abomination!and as Anon 7:45 said, a watery jollof is a FAILED cooking skill.
      Would be uploading soon.......hopefully.*wink*

  9. Anonymous5/31/2013

    @ Abena pls I can't wait to see it bcos I will cooking with different styles, and make sure its soon oooo.

  10. Anonymous5/31/2013

    I don't par boil mine. I jst soak it in very hot water for a few minutes say like 5 mins and then I sieve it.
    It always cmes out lovely.
    Also make sure u use meat stock. Preffarably chicken or turkey.
    After I fry my fresh tomato mixed with a little tinned tomato I pour in my meat stock, I use a lot of meat stock and little ordinary water while cooking.I add all my seasoning to d stock.
    ( To get perfect stock allow to simmer with little or no water until d chicken produces its own juices)
    Then I add my rice, I don't stir at all. When d water is drying up I then reduce the heat.
    My jollof rice has never burnt and everyone always praises me.
    Hubby always asks for extra and a bowl for d rd.


  11. Anonymous8/06/2013

    pls, i don't seem to get aw to make jollof rice, its always taste like concortion n bitter ....pls help...don't knw d ingredient i use more or hubby complains


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