Egg plant Tomato Sauce With Goat meat Served With Yam And Plantain

Egg plant tomato sauce with goat meat served with  yam and plantain.
Eggplant can be diced and fried with crayfish and onion or boiled till soft, pounded before frying. Boiling and pounding before frying gives
This time, I chose to dice and just fry  the garden egg fresh. It was so delicious. Even the kids cleared their plates. Next time I make this sauce, I will try to serve it with boiled rice.

see pics of unripe plantain and eggplant, GO HERE
Boiling unripe plantain and Yam, add salt when yam and plantain are almost cooked or after the pot boils
Frying pepper , crayfish, seasoning cubes  and onion that were all pounded together except the onion.
Frying diced egg plant (garden egg)
  • Soya oil
  • Ground crayfish
  • Fresh red pepper
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Onion
  • Diced egg plant (garden egg) Any type will do. The green and white ones we eat raw must be boiled first before pounding and frying cos their skin is very tough.
  • Tomato egg sauce
  • Boiled goat meat
  • Diced fresh tomatoes
  • Boiled yam, plantain, rice or potatoes
Adding boiled goat meat to eggplant sauce
Adding goat meat stock to the sauce
Adding tomato egg sauce to eggplant sauce
Adding diced tomato and pepper
Stir sauce, check for salt and add some water if needed
A serving of garden egg tomato egg sauce with goat meat and a side of boiled plantain
Eggplant goat meat sauce with boiled plantain
A plate of boiled yam and plantain with eggplant tomato sauce
The egg tomato sauce is optional. The sauce can be served with boiled rice, boiled Irish potatoes, dodo, boiled yam alone or boiled plantain alone.


  1. candid diva4/22/2013

    Food post,yayyyy! Looks good and yummy.

    1. I am trying to loose weight so I will make ths meal with stock fish ,then use olive oil, u pple shld not tempt me into size 14 o, na so so

  2. Food post eventually. Sis Eya I've never heard or known garden egg can be fried with eggs this way. I must try this o, looks super duper delicious. Sis plz we need only food this week perhaps u shld put a hold on other posts apart from food and maybe just food post will chill everyone from all these bad belle.

  3. Hmmmm this is the first time am seeing garden egg fried. Nice one av bookmarked.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. :( I don't like garden egg in any form,but hubby loves it.I'll make it this way for him. It looks so nice. Well done Eya.

  5. chubby ELLA4/22/2013

    Salivating seriously,must try dis soonest.

  6. chikoko4/22/2013

    Yea my ghanaian rm mate,prepares d boiled n fried garden she uses d ripe white garden egg(d white ones dat re turning pink)after,frys d tomatoes den add d boiled n groundede garden egg wit stockfish soo delicious,I enjoy it wit with. Rice.Aunty eya thks 4 reminding me


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