Miyan Taushe Soup By Deborah Bala

a serving of miyan taushe with goat meat
the above soup is refered to as miyan taushe or taushe soup. It is a delicacy in Northern Nigeria.Basically, it can be used to
eat tuwon shinkafa, tuwon alkama, tuwon masara, it can also be used to eat masa or waina.
ingredients for miyan taushe.
ground nut
yakuwa leaves( u can just ask the market women for where you can get it if you dont reside in the northern part of the country)
meat( you can use biscuit bone or any type of meat for this particular one i used goat meat)
red oil
seasoning(maggi salt and if you have garlic and ginger or any yaji that has the both in it)
spring onion (also known as ganyin albasa in hausa)
dadawa( this is optional as its not everyone that likes the smell.

yakuwa leaves
spring onion

  1. Goat meat
  2. yakuwa  leaves
  3. Groundnut
  4. spring onion
  5. pepper
  6. salt
  7. seasoning
  8. palm oil
  9. ginger
  10. garlic
  11. locust beans (dadawa)
  12. water

goat meat
ground ground nut

wash the meat, put maggi, onions and salt. and allow to cook till meat is tender.
get a separate pot and put  red oil into it, add the onions, ginger, garlic, and pepper. the pepper should be  ground in a mortar with the garlic and ginger and dadawa. then the paste is added to the red oil.
add the stock and meat, allow to boil
add the groundnut that has been ground( you can grind it in the market just like egusi or you can use the dry side of your blender)
allow it to cook for some minutes, then add the chopped spring onions and yakuwa.
after 5 minutes add the spinach and allow to cook for some minutes.
shikenan  miyan taushe is ready.

meat boiling in red oil
after adding groundnut
after adding yakuwa and spring onion
taushe soup cooking
miyan taushe is ready
taushe with goat meat
tuwon shinkafa
 For me the eba lover, I think I can eat eba, semo, poundo or even starch with this delicious, yummy looking soup.


  1. Anonymous3/10/2013

    Hmmmm, what I've been waiting for. Deborah thanks for this. Can you please explain the procedure for making tuwon shinkafa? I need it urgently.

    1. Just put water in a pot! Let it boil n add the shinkafa( that's unmilled rice) its sold in the market n called local rice! When d rice is very soft, n d water is dry! U start turning it! Just like amala! Den use ur kwariya (calabash) to serve.

  2. Jazmyn3/10/2013

    Anon bad mouth. 2day is sunday so respect urself and don't come here pls. Deborah has shared her northen recipes to enable us cook dishes 4rom d north.

    What have you contributed 2 make life easier and better 4 mankind?
    All u no is to call food rubbish names. Empty vessel, parasitic dead sea!

    1. Anonymous3/10/2013

      One word 4 u idiot

    2. Jazmyn3/10/2013

      Back To Sender!!!!!!!

    3. Anonymous3/10/2013

      Oloriburuku eniyan omashe oo

    4. Anonymous3/10/2013

      Jazmyn sorry to say this but u caused all the problems on this blog today..Nobody had written rubbish yet until you started inviting trouble

  3. Anonymous3/10/2013

    Weldone debora, I like northern food,its simple and nutritious cos I stayed in d north for almost six yrs. If eya wan cook dis soup I know she go add egg or even flour and then give am anoda name... Hehehe.

    1. Brenda3/10/2013

      Make d dictionary your friend and look up the word *gravy* It is cooked with flour. Eya did not add flour to Nigerian white soup, egusi, ogbono and others. The poor lady added flour to her gravies, even me I cook gravies with flour.
      Bush woman like you. Ignorant over sabi. I wish Eya will start deleting ur coments as soon as they appear.

      God bless u Deborah for dis. 4get dis liar saying she lived in the north, who dash you north?

    2. Anonymous3/10/2013

      See ur self? u no how to attack Aunty Eya but cannot even spell The name displayed before u "Deborah"

    3. Who is this immature mind that has brought adulterated words to our peaceful blog. Pls Restrict those kind of words to LIB abd LLB. Here mature ppl rub minds and learn from each other, Olodo.

  4. Anonymous3/10/2013

    Pls anybody know the english or other names of the yukuwa leaves for those of us outside Northern Nigerian. Pls help.

    Pls more of these Northern delicacies, I rarely explore their recipes in my kitchen.

    1. Anonymous3/10/2013

      Anon 12:42pm,call it yukuwa leaves. vegetable sellers in the south or east know what yukuwa leaves is.

  5. Shayor3/10/2013

    I'm not happy with the way dis blog is going! I think its time to beg the anonymouses, pls, don't make this blog a battle field, u don't av to insult on all blogs na! Pls maturity is key! How did y'all get here sef? *angryface*

    1. Anonymous3/10/2013

      Pele my dear did she not advertise her blog so expect all sorts but no vex segbo

  6. Hehehehehehehehe lmfao looooolz.
    I laughed so hard d church warder led me out of d church. Plzzz anon to many of us dis blog is like a home,and at peace we've always been here.
    Now instead of appreciating and talking about d nice dish prepared by Deborah,we're been distracted by u.
    I beg u in d name of God free us,or u can av a name with a picture,so we can address dis issue squarely.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  7. Anonymous3/10/2013

    We all are entitled to our own opinions, so why are u crufying me for saying my mind? All of una wey dey abuse me,I send it back in million folds...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hm. U all will not succeed in turning this blog to something else. It will not happen. Amen.

    Pls Deborah, is the groundnut raw one? Or is it boiled or roasted? Btw, your spring onions look so healthy! Wow! The ones I see here in the south look like they need to take drugs...lolz

    1. the ground nut is the raw one! u can ask groundnut sellers or the women that sell egusi

  9. hello Eya have been reading ur posts and i appreciate all u have been doing. Please there is dis recipe i have been looking for burger peanut snacks i will really appreciate it if u can find out how to make dis snack i just love it even though i tend to get pimples After eating lots of groundnut. .

  10. Anonymous3/11/2013

    Deborah Hi,
    I love waina can you give me a recipe to make it at home without that special pot with holes. will very much appreciate it.

    1. well i have never seen it done without kasko(special pot with holes) you need it, because if u try making it in the frying pan it wont have shape aiiii.

  11. Mamy Black3/11/2013

    Sorry am coming in late,bout d waina issue @anonymous11:22am,u can use non stick fryn pan 2 make it,we cal dt 1 sinasir n is same procedure wt waina bt wtout d shapes bt same great taste.

  12. ****Mufasa Said3/11/2013

    Hi debora, can we use bottled roasted groundnt? Secondly, can we use shoko leaves if we don't get yakowa? Thirdly can we use normal onions instead of spring onions? Lastly must we use garlic? For those of us hu hates garlic. Pls resply, thanx

    ****Mufasa Said

    1. Gloexcel3/11/2013

      Jamb Qs @Mufasa. Anywayz yakowa is d best option cos of it sour taste. D G-nut has to be raw bt dry.D garlic n spring onions r optional

  13. U can use bottled groundnut! I don't know shoko leaves but u can use spinach

  14. Anonymous3/12/2013

    Pls I'll only make one request. That we all keep this blog void of any barbaric word biko nu. Don't turn this beautiful family to a battle ground. Thanks
    Thank you Deborah for sharing. Pls I'll like to know how to make Kunu geda(groundnut pudding)

  15. Hi Deborah,
    Thanks for the info. Please, can I get the english/scientific name of yakuwa? Thank you!

  16. Hello everybody. Sorrel is the English name for Yakuwa.


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