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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Now I know I'm a very very bad liar. My girls won't stop laughing till today and they have advised that I enroll in a boarding school to automatically learn how to lie. So, I took the girls to watch a movie last weekend and before we left, I announced that this time "Me I'm going on my own to watch an adult movie oh, because me tired of being the one to sacrifice every time and watch kids movies just so everybody will be together.

We got there, the movie I went to watch wasn't showing at the time we saw on their website, so I decided to watch instead, Kunle Afolayan's THE CEO and I'm happy I watched that movie. My experience started with my girls, I didn't know that kids have become so wise with money and you can't act the way our mothers used to. My mum collected every kobo I got as a child and I can't remember ever getting that money back.

Before we left the house, I was given just small money and told that the kids have already been given

Friday, June 03, 2016

My First Daughter Won A Beauty Pageant At School, I'm Worried

Now I'm beginning to understand what patents go through when they have teenage children. I have always been outspoken about parents trying to like "chose" career paths for their kids and will always say " let them decide what they want to do" but now it's my turn to "let them" and it's a bit difficult.
This my first girl is the one I turn to when I can't decide on something. To me she is gifted in that area. Her friends and we  her family know and trust her judgement so well, to me she has never failed when it comes to judging her siblings, saying who is at fault or who is right and wrong. We so love that aspect of her. Intelligence in that area? God just dashed her.

Ok, I won't even be ashamed to say here that once, she observed that even though me and their dad were talking in their presence and acting normal, she called me aside and whispered that she is not a

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Am I Racist For Calling A Bag Ghana Must Go?

My kids like to judge me like they are my God. This morning while getting their lunch boxes ready for school, my 8 year old, (the one that made that sandwich dinner I shared) entered the kitchen. She is the oldest child at home now. I immediately asked to  get me a strainer from the pantry, she couldn't find it and came out to ask where exactly?  So, I quickly said "check in the GHANA MUST GO bag. Then, come and see my daughter. .. rushed out, came

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not Just Omotola's My Husband Goes To The Market Too

I  don't quite agree with those bashing Omotola for posting on Instagram  that her husband goes to the market even though she made a little  mistake stating the obvious. No need mentioning your status because everyone knows that already and we love her, but, if it's about hubby going to the market or shopping for his family, I am not a celebrity but my husband goes to the market. Has anyone thought about what will happen if Omotola Jalade goes to the market? There will be chaos and she wont get anything done as so many people will recognize her and ask for autographs and selfies, I can imagine the confusion. Some   years back I thought about my husbands love for shopping and asked him how he positions himself to bargain with the market

Monday, February 01, 2016

Me And My Chairman Time Alone, No School Today Abeg

He woke up late today. Too late to make it to school. That's how chairmen go to school.
Mum and baby fun time! Tomorrow he'll go to school. Isn't he too young for school sef, if not condition that made crayfish bend back. By God's grace he'll be 2 next month yet his first birthday we never celebrate oh. Only marked it inside the sitting room with a few of us because big sisters won't let him celebrate without them. We
continued to wait for everyone to be present till today no celebration. Thank God we quietly marked it for him, if not there'll be no pictures of him at one. Now I don't know whether to celebrate first or second birthday.
Our soccer team, we sweating it out. I forgot the calorie counter on pause, would have shared how many calories I burnt here alone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Video: Finally, My Chairman Goes To School. First Day Of School

I know that school will make him stop Licking Ketchup like this. Congrats boy.
The Lord has done it again. This week has been a bit different for me. After all the begging and yummy soups, hubby has agreed that my Chairman starts school, until last week, he still insisted that the boy has to be three and be able to talk clearly before going to any school. HALLELUJAH SOMEBODY! I'm so happy for me and for the blog. Okay, Monday was his first day at school and I couldn't wait to share with you guys, surprisingly, he didn't

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Testimony; Oven Death Reminds Me Of The August Experience

 The miracle baby, our new car wash, working so hard,  this is his favourite part of the day, every day . lol.

I promised to share my testimony after the oven death post. My prayers are with the family of that cute baby. About 3 months back, In August, then my 10 year old daughter who is now in boarding school was still at home. One evening after they got back home from school, she and

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Husband Called Me Names For Attempting To Email His Facebook Girlfriend, Am I Wrong?

Good morning my dear Aunty Eya and fellow blog readers. I once sent a mail concerning my husband's irritating habit, your advice helped me so much. After the comments, I was able to take a stand and fight positively. Thank God our relationship improved tremendously. 
There's another problem again, my friend and his Facebook girlfriend. I tried my best not to ask for help,  I thought I could

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Water Pass Garri

 Eya is very strong. 
Every time I sleep in this blue room for like three nights in a row, I fall sick as in the type where even my bones and ribs feel pain. I have tried to ignore thinking that the room doesn't like me but it's not working. The girls sardine themselves there during holidays because this is the only room in the house with a soft mattress that let's you sleep even while the alarm rings. Every other room has a mattress as hard as igneous rock because oga at the top believes that the hardness is best for our spinal cords. They spend long holidays scrambled there and no one falls sick o.

They leave for school and I decide to enjoy the soft bed too a few times. In short, I won't lie, the soft bed is not my only reason. The other reason that makes me find excuses to snore there is having a 'room mate' that can wake up at 2am and switch on CNN or go online to read news while the bright light from gadgets disturbs my sleep deprived eyes. Not only that sef, what about opening the bathroom door, plugging phones to charge and then later unplugging to use while the continent is still asleep. Ok, I have tried complaining o but after all these years? No more complaining a beg. I'd rather find a way out myself. After complaining, movements and late night TV, and opening doors will stop,  but not permanently.

I discover that in this room alone or with my little Chairman we sleep better and feel rested the next day. Not only we sef, HE too gets to leave his CNN or Supers ports running all night long with no one complaining and switching off so it's a win win.  but I don't know who that "mean something" is that gets angry every time I leave my hubby's room for 3 nights in a row .sickness chases me back like I quickly pack my blanket because even though I don't say it, in my heart,  I'm looking at this room with a side eye. I started calling it marriage lover because,  it hates when you abandon your matrimonial bed and seek the comfort of a soft mattress, I'm just saying sha.

This time I woke up fine, had my bath and even went into the noisy night master bedroom to say good morning. Seconds after that, I couldn't even lift my legs to go pack lunch boxes or breakfast. By ten I managed to get up but could not pick Chairman or walk straight cos loose stool added a widget to my system.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

THIS, Is How Mums Burn Calories, Lose Weight At Home

Stationery Biking and sweating it out with the baby.

Sweating on him, who cares? after this we go shower .
When I couldn't continue going to the gym because while gyming, concentration is lost as my little boy screams his lungs out right outside, and my able brother takes good care by ensuring they stay very close to the gym door so that mummy doesn't take too long. So, I stopped and after some weeks went back to my comfortable snacking before going to bed. I stopped looking at the bathroom scale nor climbing on top.

So this week, he tells me that I'm gaining weight and I know it's true becuse I can feel it and my long throat for snacks, shortbread, chocolate chip cookies and sometimes sneakers at bedtime has not really helped. I actually did boast that when the baby is weaned, I'll lose ten kilograms with ease and that would have been very easy if not this devilish temptation of snacking at night just to cool off and enjoy my personal time and space. OK, I don't want to check after I hear that I started gaining again but the last time I checked which was last week, my weight was 84 kg  ... I want anything below 80, even 78 kg is fine for me.

No excuse whatsoever so I decide to work out at home and come and see the work out mehn. The light sleeper hears when I start biking and immediately jumps out of bed. Even with closed doors, he hears and is very interested in my exercises. No one dares take him away when mummy is burning calories, he must be a part of the sweating so, the pics are what we do. Because I refuse to just let myself slip into full blown obesity, which is very easy and difficult to reverse. I refuse to stop and pick up Mr cutie, so, I pick him up and we continue reducing the thighs with one hand on him and the other on the elliptical bike. While doing it yesterday , I asked that my pics be taken to share with you.

I tried waking an hour earlier to exercise and shower before morning activities, it worked for a while and what made me stop that arrangement? can't tell now, probably got tired of waking by 4am because I want to lose weight.

This thing called weight gain, it's very very easy, once you lose focus and begin to do any how, watch out in the next couple of days. Once you begin to eat anyhow and after 6pm, watch out. Returning back to slim is an uphill task. It has been my habit and this time won't be different by God's grace. Once my baby is weaned, I work very hard to shed that weight and return to my flat tommy body which I'm really looking forward to.

excuse for us mums, anywhere, those folds around the waist don't look attractive, Fat fat thighs increase cellulite and not fun to behold. Our christian mother hand that shakes when we point  or raise hands to say Praiiise the lord, they are not healthy and not pleasant to the eye.

There's one simple test that can help us ladies; when you are just in your under pants and bra, stand infront of the mirror, look yourself from hair to toe, how do you look? be honest dear. If you were a husband/man, how would you rate that body you see in the mirror?
Does it look
a little repulsive?
a little unpleasant with all our mummy folds, and extra wobbly flesh and stomach falling over the veejayjay?
Has any human

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Letter From My Nine Year Old Proves Nigerian Educational System Not As Poor

An expressive letter from my nine year old
Cleaning the dining area with carelessness and a frown on her face, I scolded and called her back three times until she did a good job. Afterall, they ate there. She is big for her age and at this age, sweeping the floor should be done happily says mum. I know I yelled while correcting, this was because mummy too wasn't in a great mood at that moment. While scolding, her elder sister also said to her that her sweeping is poor for her age as a nine year old and, we all expressed our  disappointment, lol.

After cleaning, she quietly entered her room and then came out with this letter. I still told

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wives Connection Updates And My Confession, God Please Help Me!

Hello Aunty Eya,

Are you okay? Is everyone and everything okay?
I have been refreshing Wc for almost a week now with no new post and this is very unlike you. I know you just moved house about a month ago but creating a little time out of your busy schedule to upload one new post everyday is very important to keep Wc alive and running.

You worked hard to create awareness that's why we all got to know of and joined wC so please don't relax now so you are not back to square 1 again.

Please also update Wc on your absence as people have started speculating and saying a lot of insulting things.

Some of us look up to you as you have empowered us in so many ways you are not even aware of. Please don't let that positive energy in you be tired as that might affect us your fans.


Hi sister ..., thanks for your kind words. You know I wanted to let you guys know I'm very very

Saturday, January 04, 2014

I Have A Confession...

Um, I don't know how to say this but I can't run away from the truth. I once boasted about something to you guys but ...I refuse to link to that post for now. I was so sure of something but got the opposite, lol. 

Wish I know how to keep quiet but it won't be fair on my loving/caring blog readers. There was a post last year 2012, where I said

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Body No Be Wood O, Kindly Bear With Me Please

May I use this time to plead with everyone that you pls continue to bear with me. I have been really down lately but didn't want to mention it. #MyFaithSaysI'mStrong

When I post, I do so lying down and sometimes I can't even wake up in the evening to check my mails or post.

Sorry for delaying your mails, once my health  picks up, we'll continue as usual. For those unhappy that I don't add my voice to the advice given pls bear with me. For now, I visit the blog sometimes just once in a whole day. I will try and make it up. Thanks to everyone who has continued to visit whether I post or not and for all of us still contributing comments, and still helping out with advice to those in need, may The Almighty bless you all abundantly.

**I receive a lot of mails these days from us readers, pleading that I don't publish, requesting that I just advice and leave it that way for fear of insults. May

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Name Change Consideration?

Hello Blog Fam(
When I started this blog, believe me, didn't think there would be men and singles here. In my mind, I wanted a place where wives will come relax, sit like in a town hall meeting, discuss with different wives, share ideas, share their different problems and look for solutions together. This is what led to the name wives townhall connection which I later shortened to wives connection.

To the glory of the Almighty, our men discovered the blog, some were introduced by their wives and girlfriends while others

Friday, May 31, 2013


Wives Connection Is One
Wives connection Emergency kitchen.
Celebrating one year of blogging. To God be all the glory. Though I wanted to blog and just do something about families, women, cooking etc, I didn't know it was going to kick off on that fateful day. It all started on the 31st May 2012 late at night trying to experiment with my daughter. Suddenly we saw pageviews and decide  to try again, we saw more pageviews and I'm "Ok, I think people enjoy reading what I post so I'll keep posting"

Between May 2012 and January 2013, the blog had just over 30,000 views. Between January 2013 and May 2013 this blog has seen over

Sunday, May 05, 2013

What's Your Worst Cooking Blunder?

Food blunder
Yesterday, everyone was at home and my girls asked for Corn and bean meal. I cook this with sweet corn and we enjoy it.  don't know why yesterday I
didn't feel like using sweet corn. I sent for a mudu of corn from the market, which they helped me wash and put on the fire.

After about 20 minutes, I washed the brown beans and added.  Tried to take pictures so I can share but the camera was giving colors I didn't understand. I guess my kids must have played with the settings of that camera. Anyway, I dropped the camera and continued cooking. All  ingredients added. The

Monday, February 18, 2013

Why I Don't Like Nigerian Hair Dressing Salons - African Naturalista

My Natural hair

I have always had a problem with hair dressers and the way my hair is done. From making braids smaller than I ask for, to setting the hair dryers too hot, to stubbornness when it comes to doing what I want as a customer,  to trying to convince me to apply relaxers, to making hair so painful I can't sleep first night of fixing or braiding. I haff suffered in Nigerian Salons, that is main reason why I decided to go natural in the first place and have been praying to God to help me discover a natural hairstyle that will keep me from visiting salons in my country  Nigeria. 

I never thought that other woman face the same or have the same experiences until I visited African Naturalistas today. Read below @ilola's experiences:
I use the term, Nigerian, here knowing it is the only country I have visited salons, not that I am particularly picking on Nigerian salons.

I remember when I started

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Pictures From Our Tour Of The Agbokim Waterfalls

 Right in the main bowl of the Agbokim waterfalls.
We are here in December, and the tour guide explains that there is not much to see because at this time of the year, the water level has reduced. The best time to visit the Falls

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New year and Thank You

 It's a happy New Year, so we dance

 boogie boogie, it's a happy New Year
I can't thank you enough for making me a blogger. The only reason I still write and publish is because you read and I see the page views increasing.
This blog was born on the 30th of