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A Nigerian wife shared this story of her life on Social media. How she found out her Medical Doctor husband's recent late nights
are because he just secretly married a new wife who is supposedly very rich and has opened a clinic for him. She confronts oga and he


"We need to talk" he texted his wife.
She wondered what was wrong, men rarely use that "We need to

I married early to escape torture from mum, Now My husband mistakenly calls me his secret girlfriend's name... I need help

Madam Eya I am so so sad. I cry everyday. my husband does not


A confused Nigerian wife shared her story on Social Media and honestly tears dropped from my eyes while reading and I couldn't think of  a reply. She needs answers. Should she forgive her husband and go ahead with the court marriage nine years after or fly abroad with her kids and leave the man here in Nigeria? Read below... “I got pregnant nine years ago while dating my current husband and

Can A Nagging Wife Change? HOW DO YOU MANAGE ONE?

So yesterday, I got a mail, replied and decided not to publish it here. However, thinking about it today, I feel it might be useful to someone on the blog so, here is it below and my reply to sender...

Dear Madam,

I read your post/blog on the internet on Nagging Wife. I will like if you can share with me how to

Can a woman with Rhesus negative blood type give birth to children?

Hello wives connection. I am a young student who found your blog on Google and needs help.  My parents both have positive blood groups;  mum is o+ while dad is A- Both me and my elder brother are negative and people keep telling me that I might give birth to just one child in my lifetime, that if I lose the first pregnancy I might remain barren because negative blood group causes miscarriages.  Is it true ma?

Wife rants on Facebook after receiving insults from hubby's babymama

A mother of four,  identified as Ruth Brownie on Facebook is not only hurt that her husband is still sleeping with his baby mama, but also frustrated that he has taken sides with the said woman who finds pleasure in humiliating her. According to the frustrated Nigerian lady, since she gave birth to her last child who is barely 2 months old, her husband rarely spends time at home as he is mostly with his baby mama.  She also said that her husband is proud of his sex life with this baby mam as he comes home every now and then to boast about it. Below is her post shared on a Facebook page...

Dress to kill him at home, not outsiders, not house uniform everyday

DRESS TO KILL YOUR MAN AND NOT OUTSIDERS. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE GOING OUT BEFORE CARING ABOUT HOW YOU LOOK! Let him return from work and meet you looking sweet and refreshed.  Ok, you as a woman, when your husband dresses well and looks good, don't you feel something? When your husband is very careless and unkempt with his looks, do you like it? Not to talk of men that are well wired to be moved by what their eyes see whether at home or abroad. See, It's very easy for very busy mums especially full time housewives to start depending on robes,  boubou,  big gowns and all kinds of lose and free clothing because that's what keeps you comfortable considering you are not going to any office or attending an event. Eventually that daily same look becomes a lifestyle. 

Sharon O, in the enlightening post below, encourages women too look their best even at home.  A lot of women have lost their homes because they did not pay attention to their looks, they got so carried away with ca…

"Am I supposed to relate with my husband like an employee? he says I have no right to be angry at him or tell him that I feel insulted"

Is a wife wrong to be angry at her husband?Good morning Aunt Eya:
I was wondering if you could help post on your blog or respond to me personally.Hope your family is great. Firstly, I want to thank you for this opportunity to reach out to you via this means. I have this little problem that won't make me sleep well. please I need your advise on this one. My name is Bekky (you may change the name for privacy concern) and I have been married for four years now. I don't know...but is it wrong for me to be angry at something that upsets me?  Anytime I have a slight fracas with my hubby and it has to do with money or something else and i

In a relationship with an Urhobo man who is into traditional worship

I would wish my post to be anonymous and would love to get responses concerning this issue that has been bothering me for sometime.
I have been in a relationship with an Urhobo man for three years and was invited to his family house as at last year, only to realize on my own that they are still into traditional worship.
He made me understand that marrying him would not force me into the religion but that I

Can a wife give viagra to poor performing husband without his knowledge?

Hello Aunty Eya, kindly help me post on the wives blog. I needs readers comments and help please. My husband and I have been married for 5 years now with 3 kids but I have never enjoyed him in me. I still have memories if my University days and how it used to be so much fun and climax with my then fiance although things didn't work out between us. I graduated, got married and I do truly love my husband but not in the bedroom. The 3 kids we have is just by the grace of God. He has never lasted even 2 minutes in me and that makes me wonder how I get pregnant in the first place. Most of the time, By the time I begin to think of relaxing and enjoying him, he has already ejaculated and will soon fall into a deep sleep. I complained to him that I suspect he is suffering from quick ejaculation but he countered and explains that not every man can go more than 2 minutes. 
Anty Eya pls help. I don't want to live the rest of my life in a man's house never experiencing pleasure. There …

Re: My Husband's irresponsibility has no part 2. Hubby replies separated wife and those who left comments

If you didn't read that post in 2016, read it here. A Nigerian wife sent a mail for posting, she was tired of her hubby's ways and wanted to know the next right step to take. Many blog readers left comments and right now we do not know if the poster is still married to her husband or divorced. So, this morning, I opened the blog and saw messages from her husband. He has replied and insists that his wife's post was  not the whole truth and also replied some comments left there. 
See his replies below:

Stubborn Tonto Dikeh deletes all photos of estranged husband on Instagram

Actress and mum of one, Tonto Dikeh has deleted all memories of her estranged husband on her Instagram page. I'm so disappointed and pissed already. A pity how some women cannot even try their minimum best to keep the family together. Marriage is hard work and whoever is entering that door should be prepared to work hard and to look the other way a times. As an actress and make-believe-expert, I hope Tonto didn't think that the scripts she acts in movies are what marriage is all about? Is it that most actresses go into marriage expecting things to be the exact way we see on the large screen? I am so very disappointed in you Tonto, every marriage gets to that wilderness period of dryness, lack of affection, trials and patience and tolerance. This marriage sure brought you so much joy, having your own family and settling down into a more responsible woman gave you more fans but you won't keep


I need your help and the readers. I wrote to you last year how my husband slept with two sisters for seven years We have been married for eight out of it he has spent seven sleeping around until that faithful day He was embarrassed by the first one he started sleeping with first . he confessed to the crime and I forgave him not to do it again . 

Now, He told me he was going on an official trip, upon his return

Your marriage wasn't based on love - Journalist writes open letter to Lilian Esoro & alleged Ex hubby Ubi Franklin

Outspoken Nigerian journalist, Chris Ayo Joseph has written an open letter to actress Lilian Esoro and Triplemg Boss, Ubi Franklin. Read below:
Honestly, I really don't want to believe Ubi Franklin's marriage to Lilian Esoro is over, seeing he still got his wedding ring on, and despite Lilian yanking off "Franklin" from her Instagram profile name and deleting all Ubi's picture. Obviously, there's a message she's trying to pass across to the public. But honestly the public don't care. WE DON'T CARE.
Lillian, can you be matured for a minute and stop letting the public into your matrimonial issues?
Apparently, so much has been said online about Ubi Franklin & Lilian Esoro's marriage hitting the rock; some blaming the wife while others pointing fingers at the husband. But

After 5 Years, I just discovered we are both AS genotype; Am Praying for a miracle...

Gud evening
 I came across your blog
 ‬Just dat am having emotional problem
 ‬I get to knwo that my fiancee has same genotype with me
 ‬AS andAS
 ‬As it stands now his own family are aware and they're not in support of it anymore.
 ‬And this is a guy that so much luv me, we luv each other so much and've plans for our future
 ‬I even took d risk of getting pregnant and thought everything will change but I was surprised when his brothers were against it and asked me to go for an abortion😢


He walked in the house only to find his wife angry, deflated, moody, irritable, frowning and with a long face.

"Hey love" he greeted her as he placed the newspaper on the table.

"Hey" she said with a dull tone. She was struggling to remove her shoes.

"You've just arrived?" He asked her as he went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water.

"Yes" she answered.

"The kids?" he asked.

"They are upstairs. Changing clothes and taking a bath" she answered as she stood up dragging her feet to place her shoes at the corner near the door.

"Are you OK?" He asked her.

How do I forgive a husband who has not even accepted his wrong?

Warning: If you are below 18, oya read the next post and ask your mum what's on this post. Good morning Aunt
Pls hide my ID... Am a 27yr old lady married for almost 2yrs now, I have a daughter and am pregnant for another one. I have a problem that I want to share with u concerning my husband... He's the type that's always with phone chatting mostly with ladies he's so addicted with it and I have told him that I don't like Several times that's why his phone has password.. On several occasions I have seen suspicious chat that indicates he's having extra marital affair but when I confront him he denies it.. 2 days ago I was reading an article on his phone and he slept off then a whatsapp message came in and lo and behold my eyes could not believe what I saw.. Pls permit to share it "baby it's been a while


Hello, I did traditional Wedding in 2013 but the marriage ended early 2015 and according to our tradition I have to get the dowry I paid back which is 85 Naira..and my former in-laws have refunded it back to my kinsmen which is where it will go....we have parted ways  and I don't even know my ex's where I am planning to remarry, went to make enquiries at the marriage registry and they said I should bring a Certificate of Divorce which I don't have. My ex wife and I were not


Good day madam,

Please I got your email address online. I actually saw it on a forum you were addressing people's questions on marriage certificate registration.
Please i will appreciate if you can guide me on marriage certificate registration. I want to know if there are any difference between the marriage registration done at Federal registry