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How to prevent pregnancy naturally with uda (Negro pepper)

Hello Eya. Good morning ma. I stumbled on your blog from wives connection Facebook page and have since benefitted so much. God bless you. Please I need help with natural family planning and I know there are experienced wives and mothers on the blog who can help me out. My husband is against me using family planning methods because of his fear of side effects. I just had a baby in May and now I'm pregnant for another. I need help please. Someone told me that uda water is very effective in preventing pregnancy, in fact she claims that our grand parents used it in the past without

Confused About My Cycle, Plus Postinor2 Side Effect, Help

Hi aunty eya, good morning
I have a little problem that bothers me.
The last day of my last period was 30th of November so I wasn't expecting it till 26th this month. But it came on the 14th. That's two Saturdays ago. Strangely it hasn't Stopped rushing.

  Today is 23rd and I'm still rushing.  Making it 10days I have been with this, which is very strange cos usually I'm a 3-5 days period person.
And no I didn't