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In My Mid-Thirties, Educated, No Relationship, No Career, Nothing, Thinking Of Ending It All

Good day,aunty Eya.Pls,hide my identity.its going to be long,pls bear with me.
I don't no where to start from but I'll start from when I graduated from the university in 2006,so after my NYSC in 2007,I started job hunting! I couldn't get any so I went to OAU to do a course in GIS,I finished 2008.I went evrywhere in search of job to no avail.

I had interview with Leadway Assurance,Oando,Schlumberger but I wld nt b called for the job.Even the schools I applied to,I was not called.i had a dream that a mark is on me that I shld go 2MFM for deliverance,I don't no y d church was mentioned to me in the dream(dat was since 2012),I went for 3days fasting(no food,no water).A senator even wrote a letter for me for job all to no avail.

I went to see