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The Perfect Eyebrow Tip I Learnt Today

This is my eyebrow now, compared to before I started this fashion blog. We are getting there. 
My Eyebrow pencil job has really improved in the last few days compared to how funny I used to line these brows. I just learnt a very important tip that every fashion loving busy woman needs to know. In this chat with Lizzy Obaze, remember her colorfulnutritious recipeson wives connection?  she kindly gives me some tips on how to keep rocking those perfect eyebrows without stress. I'm sharing the chat here with her permission. Read it below:
Aunty Eya. Just read the post on the fashion blog about your little teal blue dress.

Your eyebrows have really gotten better. You have fixed the shape and that alone gives the face a completely different look.
Your shape is to die for and your skin is glowing.  Don't hide your shape under loose fitting clothes all the time. Sometimes go for fitted and classy.

Eya Replies: Hahaha, My Lovely sister Lizzy,  it's you guys now, no matter how hard I try…