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Happy August!

This August, true happiness is what I wish all wives connection blog readers.  
In everything we do, there is one thing in common, one thing we all want in life, happiness. When we strife to grow in our careers, get the finest things of life, have our dream vacation, marry the best man or most beautiful woman on earth, one thing we want to derive from all these is pleasure; happiness.
When you work so hard and strife to be the best, in trying to be the best, you seek happiness.  Happiness is not living in the best neighbourhood because some people in the best neighbourhoods cannot even remember when last their smile came from the heart. 
What is happiness to you?  The things that make me truly happy might not be what gives you happiness. You think bearing children is happiness, there are miserable Fathers and mothers of children.
You think fame is happiness? there are very famous yet so depressed unhappy people. You think riches and wealth is happiness? There are probably more unhappy wealt…