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High-Rise Secret-Slim Pockets + Waistband Plus-Size Built-In Warm Rockstar Jeans (Old Navy).
Plus size women sometimes go through some little stress trying to find what fits. It's not all the time that a big woman wants to wear a

Family Of 4 Reveal Their HIV Status: Wife Positive, Husband & Children Negative (Photos)

A beautiful Family Photo of 4 has melted hearts online for the most bizarre of reasons This viral photo was shared online recently. The woman is HIV+ while the husband and the children are negative to the deadly virus. This is AMAZING !!! See Photo Below...


I got a new job, had just gone to work on my first day, and noticed this tall, muscular, calm, good looking guy. Being rather short and plump, I didn't think he'd notice me. A few weeks later, I was discussing my weekend plans with a few co-workers and he came up to me and asked me where WE were going on Saturday night...I told him my plans and then sort of ignored him. He repeated "where are WE going on Saturday night"? Well...slow me finally caught on the point he is trying to make! We went out that Saturday night and have been together ever since. That was about 10 years ago. We'll be married 8 years in a few months.
My wife and I met at the University. I came home from work to an apartment full of one of my roommate's friends. One of them, a girl,  walked up to me when I walked in the door and gave me a big hug - as if


Hello mums in the house. I am a mum of two and hubby says no more. However I will like to have one more baby in future, with his consent of course; i'm talking about another 5-10years time, God willing.
As such I want to go on family planning. I need a method that I wont easily fall pregnant on as well as one that wont render me infertile/make it difficult for me if/when I am ready to take in. I spoke with friends, sisters and colleagues and below are the methods I have in mind, and my perceived pros and cons of each method. 1. THE PILL: Leaves one with the least side effects as the effects leave the body very fast when one is ready to

Am I Racist For Calling A Bag Ghana Must Go?

My kids like to judge me like they are my God. This morning while getting their lunch boxes ready for school, my 8 year old, (the one that made that sandwich dinner I shared) entered the kitchen. She is the oldest child at home now. I immediately asked to  get me a strainer from the pantry, she couldn't find it and came out to ask where exactly?  So, I quickly said "check in the GHANA MUST GO bag. Then, come and see my daughter. .. rushed out, came

Is Alcohol Completely Condemned By Scripture?

Wine Versus excessive drinking, Which Is Wrong?Good day Eya, I'm a Christian wife and mom who is getting quite addicted to wives Connection Blog. My husband is not an alcoholic but he drinks a little. I do not drink at all and because of this the kids think am more Christian than their father. I tried to explain to them last night when they said it, I told them that

mum claims SMA formula milk 'made her baby violently ill' following change to ingredients

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Her baby was sick for over a month, she didn't know what was actually wrong, then, the Doctor asked her to stop the milk immediately. Now she wants the milk banned:


WHAT IS SHEA BUTTER? 100% Pure & Shea Butter is an all-natural vitamin A cream. Shea Butter has shown to be a superb moisturizer, with exceptional healing properties for the skin. We now have a growing list of skin conditions where 100% Premium Shea Butter has been shown to be effective. Shea Butter has many useful properties and has been traditionally used as a decongestant, an anti inflammatory for sprains and arthritis, a healing salve for babies’ umbilical cords, a lotion for hair and skin care, as cooking oil, and for lamp fuel. However, the protective and emollient properties of shea butter are most valued for skin care. In Nigeria, Shea Butter is applied to the skin and hair as a moisturizer and is also a main ingredient in traditional black soaps. Vitamin A in Shea Butter is important for improving a number of

Reply from Mom Who Wants To Abort Her 4 Month Pregnancy

Thank you for your reply Madam. When I say my situation is deep, believe me it is really deep. I had three daughters and decided to try number four for my "boy", despite my husband's insistence that we were done with kids. Guess what I am carrying now; twin girls!

I fasted, prayed, sowed seed but for where? All I asked God for all my life was one son, just one! How do I now face the world with five girls? In this harsh economic situation, how do I fend for them if my husband refuses to care for them? Must life always be this cruel? Really, i'm cool with my three daughters I

My Sister In-law Is The Worst Person I Know, How Do I Tell Her That She Is Rude?

Good morning Auntie Ey, My family used to be very close, just like those Kardashians we see on TV, we are always there for each other especially my parents who I have seen sacrifice a lot just to make us comfortable and happy. This was until my sister In-law came into the picture. Okay, so 2 years ago my brother was dating this girl and at first she was really nice to me and my family. She was the best of all the other ladies we ever saw him with, I liked her though We never really talked much before then. Then about 2 years ago she got pregnant and her and my brother got married but not a church white wedding because she already

Just Found Out Stuff About My Father

Hi Aunty Eya, good evening. I have something to share with you. I am confused. Am a male reader of wc and have been here silently reading for about one year. I just found out my father has a girl friend not too far from our street. Mom trusts him so much she won't even believe me. I

Family Still Rejects My Husband After Four Kids, How Do I Handle This?

This is a WhatsApp conversation I promised to publish today. What would make a mother still reject her son in law and dear daughter after ten years of marriage? Can a woman's tender care cease towards the child she bears? Ok, her daughter got married to her former labourer, what about the grand children? Did they do any wrong? When are these kids going to bond with and begin to love grandma?  Is it after she is old and gone? We have just this life, a few years and your role is complete and kinda deleted from this screen. Why accept to spend it in bitterness and hate? Why spend these few years in misery with every tick of the clock, we all move closer our graves , why not do our best to spend these years in happiness and peace.  If you have a hundred years to spend on this earth, you allow yourself to spend all the"now" in anger and bitterness, you spend the few years you have seen in unforgiveness, on which planet are you then going to experience happiness.

Look,  let m…

15 Years Childlessness, Pregnant After Cheating, Please Address

Hello, I am a silent follower of your blog and I have an issue which I hope you can help me post.

I have been married for 15 years to a wonderful woman whom I love. We haven't been able to have a child. The doctor says that we are both fine. 
In my 15 years of marriage, I have never cheated on my wife, up until last month, when I met a girl who is nice, reserved and pleasant. She showed me a lot that I've missed over the years, I just feel young again, so many things my wife refuses to do with me, she does with me. We

Must Read: Belated Mothers' Day Wishes

Happy Mothers ‎Day. 
I really dunno how many times a year we celebrate mothers day,I've deliberately decided to loose count. I guess it's 3-4 times abi?  Well, if you ask me, I think mothers ought to be celebrated everyday. They never go on strike, nor do they retire, they never tire nor give up.
Here's a toast to all the mothers, intending mothers, aspiring mothers, mothers to be, etc...

Your Clothes Do Not Befit My Wife ...Should I Try Hubby's Idea?

Hello Everyone Aunty Eya pls post this for me anonymously. I need your advice & those of other wives. Thanks
I have been married for 12 years with  children and  I don tire o!!! please help and advice me on how household finances are run because I do not know how as unfortunately this was also my mother’s condition as she alone carried the family during my childhood. The issue is tearing my family apart!! God I want deliverance o!! Please!! I am a salary earner and my hubby is a businessman but his business is seasonal. once there is a need I fill it thinking we are one. Now he is used to it and whether he has or not I am stuck with the bills. Now I don't have any savings & all my money is spent on the family but my hubby still shouts that I do not do enough & that he doesn't know how I spend my money. As I am I no get gold, I no even get better clothes. Even he said this year that he doesn't like some of my clothes that they do not befit his wife!! Yet!! Do I no…