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Irish potato fufu is very smooth and it's texture I can say is more on the semo side than pounded yam. Easy and very fast. In no time my fufu swallow is ready and served. If you live where pounded yam is hard to come by, you can easily make this and swallow to quench that our African craving for fufu swallows. 
I wanted some fufu this afternoon and did not want my garri because my palates craves something smoother, and there's no yam available right now so I looked straight at the bag of potatoes standing in the store room, and dismissed the thought because Irish


Chicken white soup and fresh fish white soup are the easiest to cook of all Nigerian white soup varieties because they both taste really good without the addition of all other proteinous ingredients like crayfish, fish, stockfish Etc. The chicken alone in there is enough to give you a delicious pot of soup. Even a learner in the kitchen can cook Nigerian chicken white soup. We have a goat meat white soup recipe posted on the blog already and that too


This is the best afang soup money can buy abeg! My husband returned earlier than the kids, he was the first to


This is how to cook good egusi soup without a drop of any type of oil. With the taste not affected by palm oil, the soup is


Sorry for updating this late today. I took my son to the dentist and couldn't just come Online while


My brunch and dinner plus snacking yesterday Friday; This portion is what only the 'slow and steady'


DAY 23, Monday, March 26, 2018. Ok, for those asking for a meal plan, please just give me some time to confirm that I can lose weight with Nigerian food. Once it's confirmed, I drop below 80 kg, I'll write out the meal plan for anyone interested.
There was no breakfast. Lunch was a small fist sized eba with okra soup.
Dinner was onion and cucumber salad with an avocado and boiled egg.

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My present weight is below...

81 kg. Scroll down to see.

81 kg

How to cook okro soup with tomatoes

Yes! Delicious okro soup can be cooked with tomatoes.This post should have been shared when okra was readily available and affordable but sha no problem. Nigerian tomato is playing hard to get but we shall conquer.  some people can still cook with tomatoes and if you like that nice tomato taste in your okro, you'll love this soup. This soup is not only for fufu (swallow), can also be servd with boiled rice. 'YES BOILED RICE' Try it and get addicted!

INGREDIENTS3 cups chopped okro 1 medium sized onion 8 medium sized tomatoes 1 cup palm oil or more for palm oil lovers Fish 1 kg goat meat, you can use Beef Seasoning cube Salt to taste 1 cup stock (water) to start with, you can always adjust by adding some more 1 teaspoon pepper, you can add more, I have kids who can't stand it.
DIRECTIONStir fry your onion, pepper and chopped tomatoes with seasoning cube until dry.Add the fish, check for salt and cover to cook for about 5 minutes, checking at intervalsAdd the okro and already cooked…

How to cook Nigerian vegetable soup with tomatoes

I get mails from blog readers asking if it's alright to cook vegetable soups with tomatoes and my reply is a "yes" This here is vegetable soup cooked with fresh tomatoes and served with roasted goat meat.

INGREDIENTS:11/2 cups palm oil 11/2 cups vegetable oil 1 medium sized onion 5 large sized tomatoes 1 teaspoon pepper, you can add more 1 medium sized bunch ugu vegetables (Fluted pumpkin) 3 large sized bunch water leaf 1 cup ground crayfish 2 seasoning cubes salt to taste No water. The soup is cooked with juices from vegetables. 2kg goat meat (Roasted)
DIRECTION:Stir fry the onion and chopped tomatoes in hot oil with pepper and one seasoning

How To Cook Egusi Soup With Waterleaf

Nigerian Egusi soup can be cooked with vegetables like (ugu) (fluted pumpkin), amaranthus (Aleho, green), tomatoes, bitter leaf, Spinach,water leaf and so on. Egusi soup tastes great wih all those green leafy vegetables but honestly, waterleaf has a way of softening the soup and making it so enjoyable. When I cook egusi with ugu leaves (Fluted pumpkin) a pinch of ground ogbono is added to soften soup a bit without making it drawy. With waterleaf in egusi soup, you don't need no softener, just enjoy.
For those who can't find waterleaf, use spinach.

4 cups egusi
2 kg beef
1 stock fish head
1/2 cup ground crayfish
2 medium sized smoked catfish
pepper to taste
1 bunch waterleaf
1 tablespoonful palm oil (You can add more)
1 medium sized onion to steam the beef
Salt to taste
Seasoning cubes
5 cups water to start with, you add more as you cook to get your desired thickness.


Steam beef and stock fish with onion, pepper, seasoning and salt till almost

Recipe for Cow-leg white soup

Nigerian white soup is cooked without palm oil even though sometimes I add a few drops of oil to mine. This cow leg white soup is cooked with no oil. Recipe is same as other white soups just the addition of cow leg to this pot. There is no special method of cooking this, just cook cow leg soft and then add to your boiling soup. Cow-legs are very tough but this cooked really fast because I pressure cooked the leg first. If you have our white soup recipe, it is basically the same method with just twists and twerks each time I cook the soup. When you cook with cow leg, it's best to add some other form of protein like fish, beef or chicken because cow leg on it's own is almost tasteless, I added some tiny pieces of

Recipe - Groundnut dry afang soup served with low carb guinea corn fufu

Groundnut (Peanut) soup can be cooked with or without vegetables. Here the delicious soup is cooked with very dry afang vegetable I have preserved for some time. This is the best groundnut soup yet. The little water leaf added softness and nutrition to the pot. Groundnut soup is one of the easiest Nigerian soupsto cook. Nigerian groundnut soup can be cooked with any green leafy vegetable of choice. There are no strict methods, can be cooked with raw or roast groundnut depending on the taste you enjoy more. Doesn't require many ingredients to taste great. In this recession, this soup and okra soup are the first two soups I will recommend to anyone looking for less expensive delicious soups to cook.  Someone said cooking Nigerian meals can be very intense, but I promise you, cooking this soup is not difficult in anyway. Even if one doesn't have any experience with Nigerian soups, this is a straight forward kind of soup that requires neither skill nor experience. Just get ground…

How to make oats coconut fufu

Oats coconut fufu is made with desiccated coconuts and some oats. The quantity of coconuts is more that the oats. The aim is to eat less carb and the addition of the quaker oats here is to help with binding as coconuts have no starch. This was totally enjoyed and very easy to make. I used quaker oats and in less than 10 minutes, my fufu was ready, smooth and fluffy.

Oats coconut fufu is very good for people looking to lose weight and for those who want to cut down on carbohydrates. Diabetics can also enjoy this meal as the sweetness of the coconut is no longer there, just the chaff. Coconut fufu served with vegetable soup like this is very nutritious and great for the whole family.
There is also guinea corn coconut fufu recipe on the blog.


1  cup water1/2 cup quaker oats1 cup desiccated coconuts. I got this desiccated coconuts after extracting my coconut oil. You can also get them after extracting milk for coconut rice and other coconut delicacies. The c…

How to make Coconut fufu with desiccated coconut (chaff)

HOW TO MAKE COCONUT FUFU USING COCONUT CHAFFCoconut fufu can be made with desiccated coconut (Chaff left after the coconut oil has been extracted) For this fufu, I made it with the coconut chaff and added a little guinea corn flour; a little

Recipe: How to make guinea corn fufu from scratch

Guinea corn is awesome  in terms of nutrients, and can provide us  with vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin, as well as high levels of magnesium, iron, copper, calcium, phosphorous, and potassium, as well as nearly half the daily required intake of protein.  It is not only recommended for babies as adults too need all those vitamins. Guinea corn (sorghum) fufu is made the exact same way as the millet fufu I posted earlier. Unlike cassava and yam, the bulk of guinea corn and millet is fiber, which is good for

How to make millet fufu from scratch

Millet fufu is made almost the same way as amala, tuwo and other 'flour' forms of swallow (fufu).
First mix a little quantity with cold water (watery) and put on the stove, let it boil very well as you continue to stir, boiling cooks the starch and helps your final fufu to hold together. Let it boil and change in colour a little as if the starch is overcooked before you start pouring in more powder and stirring to desired softness. Also click on this link to check out How yo make rice flour fufu (tuwo)
Wheat meal fufu from scratch.

Millet contains uniquely high content of nutrients, including impressive starch levels, very high B-vitamin content, as well as calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and so on.
See step by step cooking pictures below:

Recipe: Ogbono and okro soup

Ogbono and okro soup with a sprinkle of uziza vegetables. Served with my homemade millet flour fufu,  Tastes really good with this homemade millet flour fufu and less expensive. Ogbono soup can be cooked without okra and uziza, okra soup can also be cooked without ogbono and uziza or with either. Uziza can be used in different Nigerian soups like white soup and vegetable soups. This okro and ogbono soup is like making three soups in one pot with less. The next post is going to be how to make millet fufu from scratch (Easy steps).
See picture of uziza leaves here

1/2 cow leg1/2 kg BeefSalt to taste1 medium sized onion to steam meat 1 teaspoon ground fresh Pepper (You may add more)1 table spoon Palm oil1 cup roughly ground Crayfish1/2 cup ground Ogbono2 Seasoning cubesSmoked titus fish (Mackerel)2 cups chopped OkraA handful Uziza leaves (Pepper leaves)Water for stock
COOKING PROCEDURE: The step by step cooking pictures (below) on this post are self explanatory.

Start with pressur…

Five Egusi (melon) soup Recipes to try this weekend

Egusi soup is our Nigerian soup recipe for this weekend. Check out recipes on numbers 1 to 5 below; pick one and try.
Happy cooking.

Egusi soup with ugu vegetablesEgusi soup with tomatoEfo elegusi by Lizzy ObazeEgusi soup with TuwoEgusi soup with bitter leaf

Top notch egusi soup with lumps

This is how lumpy egusi soup should look and even taste. Chef Phummy Ndeps #phummyndeps always always gets it right in the kitchen. This Egusi soup is very pocket friendly and very nutritious. This is very bright palm oil, there are some you add to soup and that bright

Okro soup for dinner. Enjoy!

Fisherman okro soup on fleek!This okro soup smells and exudes nutrition. So obvious. Also by soup a market. She has it on her finger tips. You can always add or subtract sha.

To cook okro soup looking this fresh, you don't add everything to one pot. Wash, salt and cook your shrimps (without water) in a separate pot. Boil fish with just salt and onion in a separate pot. Now, cook the okro soup with all other ingredients, crayfish, salt, knorr seasoning cubes, pepper, okra, periwinkle, drops of palm oil, water, all ingredients come in here and the fish stock too. When you taste, and soup is great, almost ready, that's when you bring in the cooked shrimps and fish without crumbling the fish (no stirring), Turn off the heat and enjoy.


Fresh fishOkraking prawnsCrayfishPeriwinklesSaltSeasoning cubesOnion to boil fishPepperDry catfish (optional)Palm oil Water
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