Pete started sleeping with his best friend after pregnant fiancee travelled to the UK to be with her mom. See why some women won't have it when their husband or fiance talks about having another woman as best friend. Things do happen sometimes. Shanita Hogan and her boyfriend Pete met in 2015, he had a best friend with no relationship attached. He continued to be bestfriends with his female friend while still engaged to Shanita and there was no problem until she got pregnant and discovered that while pregnant, her fiance has slept with his female best friend twice and now she vows that she'll still get married to him as told by Mirror.

Shanita Hogan, 31, says she fell for "perfect" Pete Jackson straight away when they got together in 2015, two years after they first met.

But she was left reeling when she found naked pictures of his friend Sonia - not her real name - on her phone.

Pete, 36, swore nothing was going on between him and his pal but Shanita eventually discovered the truth. Shanita, from Ipswich, Suffolk, says Sonia was always jealous of her relationship with Pete but she "couldn't figure out what the issue was".

"She was also really touchy-feely with Pete. I’d often catch her touching his arm, or giving him a ‘friendly’ hug," Shanita explained.

"I trusted Pete and put my nagging doubts behind me. Until two months later, when I was using Pete’s phone, I found naked pictures of Sonia."

Shanita wanted to give their relationship another chance so she told him he "had to cut ties with Sonia".

He promised never to speak to her again and Shanita says the "next three years were perfect". Shanita fell pregnant in May 2017 and the couple were "over the moon" but things didn't stay that way for long.

They decided to move to the UK from the US so Shanita's mum could help with the baby.

Shanita moved in June to start house hunting but Pete stayed to finish his contract with work.

Pete said his missed her but then in August, when Shanita was five months pregnant, she received a Facebook message from Sonia. Her message read: "So I hear you’re pregnant… I thought you should know that Pete never stopped speaking to me and we’ve been sleeping together for nearly two years."

Shanita didn't know whether to believe her or not but Pete confessed the truth when she confronted him about it.

He sobbed: “I’m so sorry, Shanita. It only happened twice, I swear!”

In December 2017, Pete arrived in the UK before Shanita was due to give birth. Their son, Alfred Jackson the third was born on December 8th 2017.

Shanita says she was still furious and hurt but her heart "melted" when she saw Pete cradle their baby boy.

She decided to give him a third chance and Pete is set to move to the UK permanently this month.

"I’m looking forward to the future now, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the day I discovered he was cheating with his best friend," she said.