When did ordinary protein become this important? So, this trending post on Social Media today that I haven't been able to talk about because Internet connection in my house today ehn? Almost gave me FEVER. So a lady visit's would-be in-Laws for the first time, joins in the cooking and when food is ready, the
house help is sent to serve her. Behold a plate of eba and soup without meat. Sha, meat is not the problem here, that is if the food was cooked without meat. But, in this case, she did the washing of the bloody meat, removed the fats, scrubbed out dirts and sand and everything from abbatoir, saw the meat being put in the pot of soup only for her plate of soup to arrive without Meat. In Naija, we like to see all the obstacles staring at us while eating, the meat in the soup makes you want to eat.
I thought twice before leaving my comment there because many questions came to mind...
1. It's the first time visiting would-be In-laws and you went alone? Where is your fiance who is supposed to take you to his family?
2. Did you go there all by yourself to do the introduction?
3. Why send the househelp to serve you food to eat all alone? where is everyone? Why not set the table so you eat with the family?
So, the comments and counter comments continues the whole day. Many people condemning the poster for not eating the food, stating that must be a Test to see if she would make a good wife... Good wife? So, meat is what they now use to know who makes a good wife or not? I tire!

A would-be mother in law who gives you meat to wash during cooking and sends the househelp to serve you without meat is sending a clear message. SHE DOES NOT LIKE YOU!
A lady visiting her fiance's family for the first time should be treated with love, should be shown some level of affection, should be made to feel welcome. The way the food is served, shows that you are not welcome. They don't like you and that's that.

For people saying that she failed the test by not eating the shabby food served her, all I can say is that we are really going backward if meat is still that important to us. What is meat? Something we are even advised to try and eat less of  for the sake of our health.
If the poster was a Governor's daughter that came to see them as their son's fiance, will they serve her food without meat to test her wife material abilities?
That was disrespectful! This family have no respect for you and it will remain like that. Even if the meat in the soup isn't enough, they should forfeit theirs and please their guest instead. It's a good thing the mother-In-law showed her true colours unlike some that will pretend to you in public and deal with you in private. So, be happy that your fiance's mom didn't hide how she feels about you because that would still show later if she didn't show it now.

No woman should dare try my child in that manner o! How would you feel if your child comes back from visiting would be Inlaws for the first time with a story like this? Well for those saying they'd have eaten the food like that, all I can say is that "It is easier said..."
See some comments below...

Too many comments telling the poster that she failed a simple test from her mother-in-Law. To me, the young lady was being disrespected.