Shopping photo courtesy: dissolve.
I walked out of that busy Abuja supermarket praying that my handbag doesn't attract anyone at the exit. It was a successful adventure as I walked all the way to the car with no one noticing the load in my nude handbag. This journey started on Friday
afternoon. We went shopping for groceries, after getting what we came for, the girls wanted some fried and coconut rice from the restaurant. Honestly, for about a year now I have been scared of eating out because of the stories on Social media. Since I couldn't order cooked food for myself, they suggested we get some pieces of cake and see if it's worth it because those cakes in the show glass looked very well like proper Nigerian cakes. 

I picked three pieces of well baked, moist, yet dry pound cakes and proceeded to pay at the cashier's desk. Everything done, payments made and with their hands full of their yummies, no one remembered the cakes and we left in a hurry. Back home I called customer care and was asked to come by the weekend and pick my stuff. Oh no, no no. This cake stuff is not even the beginning of it all. Sorry, I missed something in between. The beginning of this 'stealing my cake journey' started with an error on the receipt we got from the supermarket. It's a bit confusing I know.

So, on Friday, when we got home and saw an item on the shopping receipt that wasn't picked by us and not in the shopping bags. My first call to customer care was a complain. The appointment was fixed for Saturday or Sunday but I couldn't find the time to go clarify things and get my refund. 

On Monday (yesterday), I went back there and it took a bit of time to track and know where the fault came from and all that. While all the checking and tracking was going on, we went to the restaurant and here right now is where the cakes  story should begin...
 After everything got sorted out, thankfully we got our refund and an apology from the supermarket, paid for the girls' food, paid for the cakes and left without picking our cakes. At home we only  remembered the cakes late at night and here I am thinking "what is this na? I just went to that supermarket today to sort out an issue and here I am again going to call same customer care for my forgetfulness or what? I managed to put a call through and was asked to come the following day (that's today Tuesday) with the receipts and pick my items. 

Here is where the real wahala begins proper. I call the driver, bring me the pieces of paper we left in the back seat and he goes
 "ma I don clean the whole car throw all the paper away o" I asked him where he threw all the paper and he responded "inside the waste bag wey dey for backyard wheel barrow." I asked again "did you throw them inside the waste bag? and he tells me that he just stood some feet away as it was beginning to get windy and tossed the pieces of paper inside the wheel barrow not even in the heavy duty bags. 'Hmmmm' why am I asking all these questions this night? ...Not long after we got home, it rained heavily.

With receipts swept away and destroyed by rain we drove to the supermarket emptyhanded but, before we left, I told myself that I wasn't going to go and start explaining and waiting for all that long time tracking and all for just pieces of cakes. Instead of the purse I held the previous day, I carried a biiiig handbag and then repeated the outfit I wore the previous day so, recognizing me shouldn't be a problem. We walked in there with the driver just in case there is need for explanation that I'm not ready for. At the entrance, I thought again to myself, 'why not go shopping for a few inexpensive things so you get a shopping bag to hold just in case you need to keep somethings in there, and just in case there is no time to open the biiiig handbag I carried.

We picked some freshly baked bread, two packs of hot dog buns and that was it. Paid and collected my bread in the shopping bag as planned, before heading to the restaurant for "forgotten cake drama"
My first question to the lady behind the counter was "Do you recognize me from yesterday? 
She replies 'very well ma, good afternoon'  Good! How are you?
"Do you remember I picked some cakes here and was asked to go pay at the cashier? 
She answers again "yes ma" 

"OK, after we paid, I didn't remember to come back and pick the cakes but I called customer care and was told that the restaurant will be informed" 
She says "no problem ma, let me have the receipt so you pick your cakes" Na there wahala come dey oh!

I form vex immediately and was like...  "but you saw me paying at the cashier yesterday and how could I have kept receipts of ordinary grocery shopping? ahn ahn! Trying to kind of please me she explains that she knows I paid but I need the receipts to show at the exit. 
 "Don't worry, just show me the cakes first"
 She goes... " Ma maybe you need to shop something else so you can use the bag for quiet exit"
That was when  I showed her the bread I already bought for the same purpose. 
Looking at the bread bag, it wasn't big enough to hide three pieces of cake so, my biiiig handbag came in handy. The cakes slid in with very little effort and sat in there silently while I held the bread bag in front with confidence and walked out like I came all the way to just buy fresh bread.