When I turned on the gas burner to make spaghetti for my boy's lunch box, the way it slowly came up, I just knew something was wrong but didn't expect the pretty cylinder to be empty just two
weeks after filling at a reputable gas station. When you bake, cook mighty pots of food during holidays and cook in between meals for the full house, yet gas refuses to empty. Then, the house is almost empty, there is no baking to be done and suddenly in two weeks, gas is empty. I have one thing in my mind, questions for the buyer of the gas.
"Why is this gas empty in just two weeks?"
"Ma, e be like say that cylinder don dey lick oh"
"Lick? since when?" without smell?"
Silence, silence silence.....
So, Mr. the only time you were sent to refill gas, it cannot last for even a month?"
"Ma, make I go check the cylinder again first, but ma this gas maybe no be better gas sef, e be like say those people don start to dey sell some yeye gas wey nor dey last o" 

I have never heard of 'yeye gas' that finishes so fast whether heavy cooking is done or not. 
These few days spent with my teenagers have been awesome by God's grace. Mothers are really strong. The difference I can now very well feel, both with more resting time and more talking time  happening at the same time. A little help from my big girls is like a whole heavy weight lifted off my shoulders. Helping me out with getting their little brother ready for school has been very sweet like I should tell the girls to forget school and just stay here for a while till their brother is big enough to take care of himself. 
I need to ask parents of boy children... Please oh, moms of boys, at what age is he supposed to like start bathing himself in the mornings or start getting himself ready for school? I can't wait to wake up and meet him getting himself ready already. Sha, that restful morning period started happening before God decided to bless us with the fine Chairman. 

I managed to finish cooking and pack the school lunch box.
We have really really gone down as a country, may God help us. How can you have a house full of people who should be helping out with shopping and other errands yet you still stress yourself doing almost everything because the only few times you depended on them only read error, error, error. 

The eye service is something else, we are very good at it without even knowing that people see through eye service. People know true loyalty and genuine honesty. 

My life as mummy of teenagets oooooh! 
Teenagers are not the easiest people to deal with abeg. You have to be smart as a parent or guardian. They read you like a book and always always want to use you to their advantage. If you let them, they can sit down pressing phones and watching Television from morning till morning. If you try to talk, they say you are mean like every other Nigerian mom. You talk about cleaning and tidying up their rooms, they ask why you don't like to see them having fun or why you are bothered about someone else' room, Lol!. Na wah!

This Sunday, I drove to church without my eldest daughter because I couldn't stand going late just because the bubbly girls just maybe have no sense of urgency yet but, I think they do, if not how did they cope in boarding schools? I drove off crying because I was already late after waking up really really early to ensure I make it early. She came out, saw that the car was nowhere around and then called crying into the phone too asking; 
"How can you leave your child at home and go to church?' 
"Will God be happy that you left your daughter at home and went to serve him?" 
How can you have the strong mind to drive off while your child is getting ready for church?"
''How can you make me cry on a Sunday morning?'' 
"Ok Mummy, just know that I have blocked you and don't try to call me again, all of you in that car, I never want to talk to you again".

...Ok oh,  after church, I came home and we made up but in my mind I feel like yes! At least I have proven a point! I have been able to show that I am incharge and can be tough when I want to, and shouldn't be delayed by giggling playful teenage girls.  Now, I know that next Sunday, no one will keep me honking outside  as they have seen that sweet mommy can be a no nonsense woman too. 

I'm supposed to be fasting and praying for my dear country this week and thank God  three days down already. May Leah Sharibu find help and reunite with her Parents. Amen!