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If you read or searched this blog, then you must have seen posts by Ahdaisy Jayde (@royaldaisycakes).What you may not know is that she is now a blessed mom of 2 lovely kids. Looking at these pics, you don't need anyone to convince you that her kids have a perfect, flawless skin free of even diaper rash. They are so smooth when I saw her post, I could not resist but share what works for her so that other moms can benefit too. These pretty cuties just
have to give mom a round of applause for their beautiful spotless skin.

Read her tips below...
I remember when I went to the hospital for checkup and the doctor looked at my baby Ava, laughed and said "This baby is spotless!" Suddenly I felt like the best mum in the world. All my efforts no longer felt wasted. Finally I realized I was doing something right.😎 I get compliments on my children's skin all the time so I decided to talk about what I do to achieve smooth and glowing skin.

1. I use a natural body butter I made using shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil and tea tree oil. Doesn't smell so fantastic neither does it smell bad but it works wonders. I use it from head (hair) to toe for them. Since Ava was born she hasn't had any diaper rash or rashes on her skin. Pure shea butter works well on it's own. Some people swear by coconut oil but I don't like the smell.

2. I keep their clothes very clean. They wear an outfit once and it goes into the laundry pile. I always keep a change of outfit with me when I go out.

3. My toddler, Kora, baths twice a day while my baby baths once. I bath Ava twice if she has any blowouts or if we go out for a long time. I use Chicco bath foam or Sebamed. I also use Savlon disinfectant in their water. Babies don't need to be washed too much especially if they don't go anywhere. Too much washing of their skin can lead to dryness and other skin issues.

4. Keep the environment clean and tidy. I disinfect the changing table, potty, toys and bath tub once in a while. I try not to be excessive with this as I cannot keep them in a bubble wrap forever. They need some exposure to germs to help with their immunity. (Little exposure, not full on filth fiesta πŸ˜€)
. 5. I avoid spreading clothes outside. If you do, please take the clothes in before the sun goes down and iron their clothes. If you can get a dryer, perfect!

6. Nutrition. Ermm.. was skeptical adding this as Kora is such a picky eater πŸ˜ͺand Ava until recently has been exclusively breastfed. But yeah... good food and plenty of water... *coughs* 😏

These are the things that work for me. Please comment if you have any more tips. Would love to hear from you. Thanks.

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  1. Beautiful kids. Your tips are great and worthy of emulation. Keep the ball rolling.


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