Christmas in a nigerian village

If you grew up in a village like yours truly, you will laugh and laugh at the honesty of this sweet Social Media Story told by Nigerian lady Ella Umeh. She described her Christmas preparations growing up. You will sure relate to so much and know that the kids today are Living The Life even though they do not know it. Back in the day, kids got new clothes and shoes only during Christmas. Find ways to show off new outfits to friends and desperately
countdown to Christmas Day, lol.

Enjoy her story..

By this time many years ago, Veronica my mother would just be starting her Christmas shopping....all our Christmas clothes that will be over size enough to last us the next 5 years....

It is a top secret mission. Her choice. Your opinion does not matter. Our color choice is immaterial. She is oblivious to the style of the season and the fact that beautiful gowns will enter the market in november, is none of her business.

No, she doesnt need our measurements. Shoes? She will check your

old shoes and just add 2 size🙄🙄🙄 Brethren, 2 sizes. If its too big on christmas day, what are tissues for? For stuffing na....

She was never victim to Christmas fever. She plans our christmases almost one year ahead. Vero does not have time for nonsense. Is it now that i will want to buy cloth, i will even ask the kids which they prefer? Though as a millenium mum, i rig the clothes election by bringing all my choices to the kids and asking them to make a matter what they choose, na my choice😎😎😎😎

Vero cannot ask u. She knows ur mind. The fact that ur mind and her mind are worlds apart is irrelevant. Make the mistake of telling her u do not like it....u stand the chance of not seeing that stuff again...

I was a young girl with big breasts. Vero made sure she bought dresses that made me look like a child, in case u had any demonic ideas. Puff puff sleeves, belt on the waist, lace socks with black cover shoe (for a 13 year old with slaying on her mind, this was very humiliating and a big blow to my burgeoning ego), mid calf lenght and last but not the least, she will buy the same dress for her four girls, but maybe in different colours, finishing it off with a hat!

One christmas she bought suits. Who remembers that three piece suit with long skirt? She even bought the matching hats (maybe with the hope that as we will dress like pastors wives, our lives will align with her plan with God for us....Vero was and still is a very prayerful woman)...she wanted to asexualize all the girls, especially me....remove every demonic spirit of sex appeal...

She is a tailor. Imagine what she will sew....oh Lawd....the Amish dresses no be here....if we go out and see our firends, we go hide...

Pls do not forget that we lived in Jos. That town is like a year behind in fashion, so imagine what she bought...
She made sure Michael her husband does not see these clothes...she must collect the money in december and even turn a profit, since she bought not just early, but remnants of the last year's stock. Her Anambra blood is undiluted. As a tailor, she will make sure there is no hint of cleavage (that was satanic, demonic and of the world...we are the children of light, we must not dress according to the fashion and dictates of this world) and the lenght will come down....way below ya knees....

Jos people know what im talking about....the almighty Terminus market was the scene of these numerous crimes, while Katako market was for the second hand clothes thay made us look like actresses in some Amish drama....🙂😎😄🤣😁😂

Right now, someone somewhere is keeping that tradition alive....not me.
I hate oversize, but Vero na Master!🤣😂😂😂 Some of the this year e go still size some of una...🤣🤣🤣🤣

Pls do tell some of ya yonder years Christmas clothes shopping experiences...some of una own worse pass my own....

PS: Guys, i have inexhaustible Veronica stories, true stories. Remind me to tell you all how she reacted the day i was caught wearing trousers or my elder sister wore a weavon for the first time 😃😃🤣🤣🤣😃😂😂😂😂

Another PS: which next story una want? My trouser and sister weavon cutting story or Veronica don carry belle story? Yea.....Vero born late baby..


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