A Nigerian wife shared this story of her life on Social media. How she found out her Medical Doctor husband's recent late nights
are because he just secretly married a new wife who is supposedly very rich and has opened a clinic for him. She confronts oga and he
confirms her suspicion adding that he is doing all that for her sake and their kids. Do you agree?
What can she do now?

Read her story below:
I have been married for close to 10yrs now, my hubby was loving and caring but when I was pregnant of my first daughter, I noticed he kinda changed, strange numbers started calling him and sending love messages to him, ween I asked him he said it's one of his patients, I told him to tell her to stop calling him, he agreed but there was no change, hubby started coming home late and started nagging unnecessarily, one day I took the woman's number from his phone and called her I told her that the Dr she calls every night is married with a child and am pregnant with his second child.

The woman begged that my hubby never told her that he's married and all, she promised she won't call my hubby again. Did I mention that when he goes out he deletes my contact from his phone, when I ask him he will say it's his secretary. Fast forward to 4yrs ago, I found out he and the woman have gone far in their relationship, found out the woman is rich, she even opened a clinic for my hubby, she has even changed her name to that of my hubby, built house in my hubby's name and she as the wife, even in the clinic they know her as his wife.

hubby stopped sleeping at home he only comes in the morning to take the kids to school, I have 4kids now. One day I asked him why he betrayed my love, he said everything he's doing is for I and the kids betterment, I told him am not in support, he doesn't even remember my birthday but always remembers the woman's own and sends her lovely messages, then, I found out he has married the woman . He only comes home wen he wants sex and after that he goes back to the woman. if I deny him sex he won't give us money for food.

We got married traditionally and in church. My biggest problem is he doesn't allow me go out, he doesn't want to open a business for me, he doesn't want me to continue with my education, he doesn't want me to have friends and doesn't want me to communicate with my family. There was a day I went for a program, he locked me and my son outside, I had to go and sleep at my sister's house. I am not enjoying this marriage at all, I have prayed, fasted and done everything within my power for things to be the way it was, I have thought of leaving the marriage But if I leave how will I take care of 4 kids without any source of income, I am so fed up of living in a marriage where when hubby Is at home you won't be happy cos he must always look for something to fight about, am living In a bondage in a cage, to the extent the day I came out to buy something, someone was asking if I still live in the street.

oh, I didn't tell, he buys everything eatable at home, there's no way I get any money, I depend on him for everything I need from pant to pad, if we have issues he won't bring money for food and will not pick my calls, some of you might say since I have something to eat what am I complaining about, food isn't everything, I need love, the children need love, I n d children need care, money, affection, we need his time. we need someone who will always put us first we need gist partner, we need a FATHER and not just a DADDY, I am dying emotionally, mentally, financially, academically, when we have issues he stops bringing money for food n insults me calling me names yet he won't allow me work or do business, he never says sorry wen he's wrong cos he's d one bringing money, am just so tired of everything,

I developed chest pain cos of thinking. I feel like running away with the kids but nowhere to go Please your help and advice will be highly appreciated. Please hide my Identity.


  1. If that clinic was registered in her name, I would have believed him, but it is registered in his and new wife's name. Is she not just a baby producer to him? I don't think he cares at all about her aside using her while providing feeding and accommodation.


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