Nigerian rice and stew.
Hi. Happy New week! Yesterday Sunday, I made quick okpa for breakfast and as usual,
Sunday rice
and stew for dinner. Well, I don't cook with cellophane bags and do not encourage anyone to do so at all at all BUT for this particular okpa (Recipe below), I chose to go the nylon bag way. I wanted the exact look I see on those okpa sellers' heads around Area 1 bridge. I don't even know where to find banana leaves in Abuja sef.

Okpa moi moi breakfast.

See Step by step okpa recipe here.
Anyways, I snacked on 2 mangoes, 2 avocados, a handful cashew nuts and oranges before dinner, I drank very small garri with groundnut too. 
The plan to eat home made okpa has been on for sometime now. I bought a small quantity of okpa beans (bambara nuts) some weeks back, cleaned and milled into flour and, this flour has been sitting here in the pantry doing nothing. This morning I decided to make quick okpa with three cups of flour and it gave me 7 wraps of moi moi. I ate just one wrap with half of the fish in this serving. My weight is still 80.7kg when I checked this morning. Watch out for next week weight drop but not rapid oh, just a little drop below 80 kg.

#losingweightslowlybutsteady #norush #nopressure #wecanloseweightwithnigerianfood #losingweightisgoodbusiness #losiningweightfeelsgood.


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