About shaking my weight loss table

Beans and fish lunch.
I have been partially absent for about 2 days now thinking about something. Should I listen to my
husband on this one or just do my thing let him see that I can? So, before this weight loss journey started, I posted my reasons on the blog. If you have been following from day one, you'd have read them on either DAY ONE ( http://www.wivestownhallconnection.com/…/my-new-lifestyle-a… ) or DAY 2 ( http://www.wivestownhallconnection.com/…/my-new-lifestyle-a… ) blog posts. I explained that hubby is one of the reasons I'm undertaking this weight loss journey because I was tired of him sending me Whatsapp and Facebook videos of old people who still work out and train. He appointed himself my personal trainer and each time we workout together, he won't even consider the fact that I have a woman's bones... will be giving me tough tough workout routines. If I'm to jog round the compound, he won't even be kind enough to say stop when you are tired, he'll say :jog round the compound atleast 50 times. The one that even pained me sef is that when we go out to jog on weekends, I'll see couples jogging with husbands slowing down to wait for their wives while my own will leaving me far behind and going to wait in front to prove that my weight is slowing me down. Everytime, I get upset but just smile and tell him to go without me and he'll actually thank me and voooooom, he is at home waiting for his 'slow tortoise to come, then he'll show me how many calories he lost, the distance he covered before I caught up with him, etc etc.
Plantain with scrambled eggs and green tea.
I quietly made up my mind to stop going with him. On Saturdays, I lie down there until he leaves, then he'll be like "which route are you taking? and I'll be like, "sha, I don't know yet until I get out there, lol' After we get back sef, he'll start training me without application oh. I lovingly warned him oh... That "this table he is shaking so, has a woman on top and she can be very determined when she wants to"  he didn't take me seriously just because they think that I love food too much..
I finally made up my mind to start losing the weight and started working out secretly and cutting my portions without letting him know. From 86 kg, we all saw how I have come down to 79 kg and I'm loving it oh and planning on doing a bit more sef till we arrive at 76 kg my final bus stop.
Why am I writing this long epistle sef? It's because, this past weekend, my oga at the top jetjely told me that I'm slim enough. I should stop where I am. That he hopes I'm not going to get slimmer than this? and I'm like "ehn? you say wetin? I have not even started o, I will lose 5kg more and then he starts saying "Please don't do again, you are great like this. Stop there" 

Whether I continue or stop the weight losing, I'll still get my one month meal plan ready and post for those interested. If I can lose upto 5kg in one month, then the meal plan is worth trying.
Please, fellow weight losers, I have been thinking about it but not sure what to do. If you were in my high heeled shoe, what would you do? 😂😂😂


  1. You have done a good job Madam. As regard what Oga said, please follow your heart and remember to keep it steady.

  2. Enya Shalom4/16/2018

    Keep on working till your heart and mind knows it's satisfied o. Let's turn the tables. If you told your husband to stop would he? Lol. He should not shake the table he's comfortably sitting on.

  3. Anonymous4/19/2018

    Mama kwantinue you are my inspiration, from 105 to 97 and I'm still gunning for 75kg,post the meal plan pls I'm following.

    1. Wow! Big big congratulations. You dropped about 8 kg. That is hard work and discipline there. Keep at it and we will be happy at the end of the day. The meal plan will soon be ready please. Well done.


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