Microsoft supports Ghana school teacher seen teaching computer on chalkboard

After photos of a teacher in Ghana teaching his students about the computer with drawing on the board, went viral. A lady tagged Microsoft and requested that they assist the school with a computer.

Microsoft replied in the affirmative and also promised to

support the teacher with further training to equip him with more advanced skills.

The teacher who became an online sensation after photos of him drawing a computer on a blackboard, claimed there was no computer in the school and they had to improvise to tutor the students who were so much willing to learn.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teacher, Richard Appiah Akoto decided to be innovative in the face of lacking teaching and learning materials. So Akoto had an ingeniously simple idea: he drew computer features and software on his blackboard, using multicolored chalk.

Pictures of Richard Appiah Akoto drawing a Microsoft word interface on a board for his pupils were shared on Twitter.

Social media exploded in admiration and wonder at his effort to explain how the computers works. Some people went as far as saying the guy should be nominated for a Nobel Prize award.

Among the hundreds of people who shared the post and helped popularize it was Rebecca Enonchong, an entrepreneur who urged Microsoft Africa on Twitter to provide Akoto with some proper devices so he can leave the chalkboard behind.

On Tuesday, Microsoft Africa replied, promising Akoto a
computer and access to educational material.

“Teaching of ICT in Ghana’s school is very funny,” he says on the caption accompanying the post