How to Make coated groundnut known as peanut burger

Nigerian coated groundnut.

Nigerian peanut burger also known as coated groundnuts can be made with raw or roasted groundnuts. I prefer the ones made with roasted groundnut and those are actually more crunchy. The
process is very simple and straightforward. This delicious snack can be eaten at anytime of the day. I made this quantity for just 5 kids. If you can get already roasted groundnut from the market, then there's no need for STEP 1 and 2 below. Go straight to mixing and frying.


I used 
1 cup roasted groundnut (Peanut)
Hot water
1 egg
1 cup flour (All purpose flour)
1 tablespoon sugar
A pinch of salt
Vegetable oil 


  1. Soak raw groundnut in hot water for  15 minutes, drain and dry for about 1 hour.
  2. Add garri or salt to a fry pan, pour in the groundnuts and roast, stirring and checking until they begin to brown, then remove from heat and leave to cool a bit and your groundnut is ready for coating and peanut burger making. HERE IS HOW TO ROAST GROUNDNUT WITH GARRI.
  3. Whisk the egg in a bowl, add the sugar and salt, whisk well. In a larger bowl, pour in the roasted groundnut, take a tablespoonful of the egg, pour on the roast groundnut and shake or mix with a spoon. Next, pour in a tablespoonful of the flour and mix again. 
  4. Repeat pouring in the flour and egg until both are exhausted and all the groundnut in the bowl has turned white.
  5. Fry in hot oil until golden brown and quickly take off the heat else the coated groundnut begins to taste burnt. Repeat the frying until peanuts are exhausted. Allow to cool and store in an airtight container for snacking anytime.
If you like the taste of nutmeg, add a little to the egg and mix to give you that unique deliciou taste. 
See step by step picture recipe below...

Raw groundnut after picking out dirts and broken ones.

 Groundnut soaked in hot water

 Spreading out to dry

Whisking egg with sugar and salt

Adding egg to roast groundnut

Adding baking flour to roast groundnut

 This is how the end result will look with all the peanuts coated in the egg and flour.

Frying groundnuts in hot oil.

Enjoy your crunchy, tasty peanut burger a.k.a coated groundnut.