Day 13 filled with temptations. I don't usually feel hungry in the mornings, but with the holiday
comes temptations like I said on day one of this weight loss journey. First, my baby woke up and out of no where asked for yam. I gave him boiled yam with palm oil. His left overs I couldn't just resist.

Ate it and struggled with mixed feelings. By noon, I ate a piece of roasted sweet potatoes with ugu leaf and water leaf stir fry. The egg on that plate was eaten too but not the sausage. Still feeling bloated, I ate a mango to see if that will help.

Worked out briefly as usual (Video below) because I'm not working out to lose weight. Small portions will help lose the weight while I exercise to move the joints, stretch out and burn small fat, sweat and keep fit.  It was fun with my little boy telling himself that he skipped the rope.

I woke up and didn't remember to weigh myself until later in the day after eating lunch. Didn't want to bother anymore because who weighs themselves after clearing a heavy plate of sweet potatoes with vegetable soup, a large mango fruit and some boiled yam? Then I said to myself that if I do not weigh myself, the whole routine will look incomplete so I stepped on the scale and saw it stop at 82 kg. Happy the number didn't show with an empty stomach, but even if it did, I won't flog myself, will investigate why and try to adjust accordingly knowing that Rome wasn't built in a day.



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