Chinese bride slaps wedding guest for forcing her to kneel and bow before In-Laws

In China, bowing shows the bride would be submissive to her husband's family. An unruly wedding guest was caught on camera forcing a bride to kowtow to her in-laws in front of other guests.
The action of bowing, seen in tradition Chinese weddings, could prove that the bride would be obedient and submissive to her husband and his family.
Enraged by the guest's behaviour, the bride stood up and gave the man a hard slap in the face, as a
viral video shows.

 According to Kan Kan News, a Chinese news outlet, the bride and groom were about to start a traditional ceremony at their wedding to show their respect to their parents. 
Newlyweds are usually required to bow and serve tea to their parents - after they bowed to the heaven and before they bow to each other.
The wedding guest, however, suddenly took a grab of the bride's head and made her kneel and bow by force.
The bride became furious. She managed to push the man away before hitting him. Other relatives tried to calm her down.
Kan Kan News did not report when or where the ceremony was held, but it suggested that the guest considered his behaviour a wedding prank.

 Rude wedding guests have been a social topic in China in the past two years. Their vulgar and inappropriate antics often sparked an outcry among the web users.
In November, 2016, a trending video showed a group of Chinese wedding guests forcing the bride and groom to strip off and have sex in front of them. 
After landing him the slap.

A month earlier, a bride was seen being stripped by her wedding guests in front of her husband in their bed. 
In some cases, these so-called pranks have caused serious injuries or even deaths. 
In 2015, a bride in China's Zaozhuang city was knocked into a coma at her wedding after groomsmen threw her into the air but failed to catch her.
While a bridesmaid choked to death in 2016 after being pressured to down super-strength spirits at wedding by guests in Wenchang city. 

 *Then the slap is well deserved!