#BBNAIJA: Tobi and Cee-C are back together, she takes responsibility, gets forgiven and they hug

Cee-c has gone through a lot emotionally even though her ego won't let her show it. She tried to talk her way around and make Tobi apologize as usual but he stood his grounds and maintained that she did wrong by saying what she said because, you guys remember how Kemen got disqualified from BBNAIJA 2017? You can't joke to someone you have genuine feelings for and say that he touched you without your consent. Well, she said it maybe hoping that Tobi will beg but that never happened and after all the talks and arguments, she got so frustrated, knew that if Tobi walks away again, it might just be the end.

At a point she confessed that she really really likes him and Tobi responds that he
likes her too. So, after much talking, she took responsibility and accepted before Tobi that she was wrong. Being the gentleman that he is, Tobi stood up and hugged her and from the way she wiped her eye, it's like a tear dropped during the hug. He hugged her again, held her hand and they walked back in. Hopefully she'll be in her best behaviour. But sha, Cee-C seems to me like one of those people who find it hard to say "Sorry for their actions. Some iewers earnestly waited for that moment where she'll come down from her high horse and win back Tobi. Finally...