Is it Ok for a Christian to own sex dolls?

Hello. Good evening Eya. I need help with some clarification. Can you please help me post on the blog or any of your social media handles. This question has been bothering my head ever since the stories of smart sex dolls and their brothels broke out. Considering  these are mere objects, not
real flesh and blood women, is it ok for a christian man or woman to play with or buy them for personal use?


  1. Rick Hilekaan1/27/2018

    The question shouldn't even be a matter of a Christian having a sex doll but in general terms the question should be "is it ok for a human being to have a sex doll?".......
    The rate and pace at which the world is tilting towards non-human entities as substitutes to natural things is alarming.....the picture is gradually unfolding and the stage is almost set for the invasion of humanoids....this clearly points out that humanity is gradually losing relevance if people could come up with such objects to replace humans.....
    This has been long coming with women being at the forefront of this creation....take a trip back to the past and compare events now.....all of a sudden there came an explosive growth in the human hair business (wigs); the ass and silicon boobs implant business; the make-up business making natural women look even more like humaniods (robots).....women have dazzled themselves with all these artificial creations and even made it seem like if as a lady you ain't into them (most especially human hair and make-ups) you ain't no woman or you ain't slaying....not knowing that they were simply ushering in the age of humaniods....The fashion trend and culture women subscribed to has enveloped man's thinking into objectifying women as play toys cause in the real sense when you see a woman ornamented in these unnatural creations they do look more like dolls.....I wouldnt blame anybody but women did play a subtle role in bringing these dolls to life.....less i forget these dolls woukd surely have life as one called Sophia - the smartest humanoid with the best Artificial Intelligence (a creation that mimics human behavior) has been given citizenship in Saudi what that translates into is that humaniods would definitely be part of the society with the social experienent of sex dolls.....
    This should serve as a wake up call for women that your natural look is far more precious than having a humaniod look cause in the future that would be your distinguishing factor if you are human or not cause the wonders shall never end....first women had to compete with transgenders now its humaniods and its all cause of the the artificial creations they use in the name of fashion making all sorts sneak into the picture as beautifully ornamented women...


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