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Black members of Congress attend the US State of the Union address wearing African Kente to protest Trump's vulgar comment (Photos)

Black members of the United States Congress wore Ghanaian Kente material, during US president Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday. Members of the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) wore brightly colored yellow, green, black and red kente cloths to President Trump's first State of the Union address, as a sign of defiance against his reported “sh*thole* comments about African and Caribbean countries. “The whole idea was to show solidarity with African and Carribbean countries. The members  sat stone-faced and unmoved. 
See more photos below...

Can a woman with Rhesus negative blood type give birth to children?

Hello wives connection. I am a young student who found your blog on Google and needs help.  My parents both have positive blood groups;  mum is o+ while dad is A- Both me and my elder brother are negative and people keep telling me that I might give birth to just one child in my lifetime, that if I lose the first pregnancy I might remain barren because negative blood group causes miscarriages.  Is it true ma?

'Twin baby boys arrive in the midst of low sperm count, blocked tubes, ruptured ovaries and large fibroid' - Nigerian mum of three shares this amazing testimony


A Nigerian woman, Folasade Adesalu, whose husband was diagnosed with low sperm count after years of unfruitfulness, has shared her powerful testimony of how God turned her story around and made her the joyful mother of three handsome sons after many years of waiting and dealing with several medical diagnosis on herself and hubby. 
Read her amazing testimony below...

I got married to my husband Olumuyiwa in December 2006. My problems started before I got married. I used to have irregular periods and a very heavy menstrual flow with lots of blood clot right from my secondary school days. I was taken to the hospital, got treated with antibiotics and a whole lot of other medications, though it helped a little but I was not cured completely.

I started getting anxious but not worried that I wasn’t pregnant a year into my marriage and that was the beginning of my journey to several doctors. I consulted various gyneacologist who gave dif…

Nigerian bride-to-be instructs her bridesmaid to slim down before wedding day so that

Online Fashion clothing mogul, @altiniexclusives shares her experience on another of her Instagram handles, on how a friend (name withheld) requested that she joins her bridal train, then added that she needed to lose weight before the big day as she didn't want plus size bridesmaids on her team. SMH.  See the full post below... I remember a certain lady told me I would be on her bridal train. After informing me of the exorbitant amount for the traditional wedding aso ebi and the bridesmaid dress, earring, make up (Story for another day). I was still trying to digest it when she dropped the bombshell. She said "Babes, I want my bridesmaid to slay o, so no team plus size. You have four months to work on your weight so you

Is it Ok for a Christian to own sex dolls?

Hello. Good evening Eya. I need help with some clarification. Can you please help me post on the blog or any of your social media handles. This question has been bothering my head ever since the stories of smart sex dolls and their brothels broke out. Considering  these are mere objects, not

What do you think of this?

South Africa: – – – – – 1 Rand = 13 Naira
Angola: – – – – – – – – 1 kwanza = 2 Naira
Botswana: – – – – – – 1 Pula = 18 Naira 
Cape Verde: – – – – – 1 Escudo = 2 Naira
Algeria: – – – – – – – 1 Dinar = 2 Naira
Egypt: – – – – – – – – 1 Pound =
25 Naira
Eritrea: – – – – – – – 1 Nakata = 13 Naira
Ethiopia: – – – – – – 1 Birr = 9 Naira
Ghana: – – – – – – – 1 Cedi = 83 Naira
Gambia: – – – – – – 1 Dalasi = 5 Naira
Kenya: – – – – – – – 1 Shilling = 3 Naira

Oprah Winfrey not interested in presidential bid - "I don't have the DNA for it"

Everybody can now rest with guessing. Oprah Winfrey has finally put to rest the chorus for #2020, #OprahForPresident trend and the desire to be the future Democratic contender for the 2020 elections. Oprah  said, she does not “have the DNA” to be United States President. “I met with someone the other day who said that they would help me with a campaign. That’s not for me,” she told InStyle on Thursday. Oprah recalled that she recently saw a “cute” coffee mug emblazoned with

Kim Kardashian considering a fourth child, already asked her surrogate if she would carry another pregnancy'

Kim Kardashian-West is so excited about being a new mum again that she wants to try for another baby. According to UsWeekly, the 37-year-old mogul who welcomed her third child last week has

USA gymnastics Doctor sentenced to 175 years in prison for what he did to those young girls

Former Team USA Olympics Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to 175 years in prison after listening to seven days of testimony by more than 160 of his victims. He had faced a minimum term of 25 to 40 years. The New York Times Reports: Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, who had opened her courtroom to all the young women who wanted to address Dr. Nassar directly, and forced him to listen when he pleaded to make it stop, handed down the sentence, saying to him, “You’ve done nothing to deserve to walk outside a

“If you walk into your man's house and there are dirty plates in the sink, should you wash them?

So, there’s this trending debate on Social Media, people having divided opinions about the topic. It all originated from a post where a lady shared a picture of a littered “kitchen sink”, and then urged ladies to do the “needful” if they one day meet their man’s kitchen that way.
The post reads; “If you’re a woman and walk into a mans house and see this, do something about it, if you want him to look at you different it don’t

Banky W. finally explains why he had an elaborate wedding against his wish; reveals the two reasons he decided to make Adesua his wife

Singer Banky W in a post on Instagram has responded to several comments directed at him, criticizing him about the “size” of his wedding…He is still maintaining his stance that he doesn’t like “elaborate” wedding, despite spending millions on his wedding! Some folks accused him of having an “unnecessarily large wedding” to his actress wife, Adesua Etomi. The wedding between Banky and Adesua went on for a number of days and across a

A sex doll that speaks all languages, gives orals, has a memory and more has been created BUT YOU KNOW WHAT?

Her name is Harmony 2.0 She comes with a persistent memory,
allowing her to build up relationships with her owners and remember facts about them. But sha, if nor be womanbeing, nor be womanbeing.

 Following the demand for sex dolls worldwide, a sex toy company has created a doll called ‘Harmony’, who can speak all major languages, moan, talk dirty, call your name, get wet and can

Wife rants on Facebook after receiving insults from hubby's babymama

A mother of four,  identified as Ruth Brownie on Facebook is not only hurt that her husband is still sleeping with his baby mama, but also frustrated that he has taken sides with the said woman who finds pleasure in humiliating her. According to the frustrated Nigerian lady, since she gave birth to her last child who is barely 2 months old, her husband rarely spends time at home as he is mostly with his baby mama.  She also said that her husband is proud of his sex life with this baby mam as he comes home every now and then to boast about it. Below is her post shared on a Facebook page...

Banky W and Adesua hold thanksgiving & Reception party in London to celebrate their successful wedding (Photos)

The Wellingtons, singer BankyW and his actress wife, Adesua Etomi-Wellington yesterday in London celebrated their wedding with a huge thanksgiving and reception party. Reports say Adesua Etomi’s mother is based in London and a pastor in her church. Banky W and Adesua Etomi’s thanksgiving and reception party in London is

25 MUST HAVE Qualities of a wife material - Joro Olumofin

Relationship blogger Joro Olumofin has shared a list of 25 qualities he says a wife material should have. According to him, she should be able to pray for at least 45 minutes straight and fast at least 3 times a month.He also says a wife material must know how to make at least 10 of these Nigerian dishes ( Ofe nsala, gbegiri, efo riro, edikaikong,banga & starch), call his boyfriend’s mother at least twice a week, and

Dead woman 'gives birth' to stillborn baby ten days after she died

So sad! A stillborn baby emerged from its mother 10 days after she had died, plunging the family into fresh grief. The woman, named as 33-year-old Nomveliso Nomasonto Mdoyi, complained of sudden breathlessness at home in the village of Mthayisi in South Africa's southern Eastern Cape province. Mum-of-five Nomveliso died shortly afterwards and her body was given to a firm of funeral directors ahead of her burial. But on the day before the funeral, 10 days after she had passed away, staff

Man to spend 15 years in jail for catching his cheating wife with her boss

Sean Donis will be spending 15 years in jail after he has been convicted of burgling and assault. He actually caught his wife cheating with her boss. In 2016, Nancy Donis, 38 who was Sean Donis’s wife, had told him she was going out to dinner. Donis was at home to look after their 5-year-old son. When he couldn’t find his iPad, he turned on

Singer Simi’s mum remarries after divorcing her husband 20 years ago (Photos)

Simi's mum wedded today and the singer was her Maid-of -Honour. It was reported earlier this year that Ms. Jedidiah Ogunleye will be getting married this January after divorcing her husband 20 years ago.
Ms. Jedidiah Ogunleye and her estranged husband got separated in 1997 and she’s been single ever since. Simi’s mum, who shared the testimony of her engagement at church on the eve of the New Year, said: “I joined this church for over 20 years as a sinner. I will like to say a big thank you to Pastor Sam. My desire has always been to get married. Every Sunday, I’m always ushering couples to their seat and I love to see these couples ushered into the church because marriage is something I so much desire. Getting married has always been a particular goal I rewrite every

Kanu Nwankwo’s wife, Amara at war with brother-in-law, Ogbonna Kanu (details)

Amara Kanu is not happy with her husband’s younger brother, Ogbonna and she is not ashamed to admit it publicly on social media as she ranted about him using a ticket meant for her son to accompany his dad to a Leeds game. She accused him of persecuting her all these years thinking she'll die but that she didn't die and will not sit and watch

Old Facebook selfie helps convict woman who killed her best friend years back

A 21-year-old Canadian woman, Cheyenne Rose Antoine of Saskatchewan pleaded guilty to manslaughter. She was convicted and sentenced to seven years in prison on Monday, after admitting to killing her best friend, 18-year-old Brittney Gargol in 2015. Antoine accepted responsibility for strangling Gargol after getting into an argument with her during a night of drinking but added that she did not remember the incident that led to the strangulation or even her friend's death. Gargol, was discovered fatally injured on a road near the Saskatoon landfill in 2015. She was found unresponsive on the side of Valley Road, on the southern outskirts of Saskatoon. The man who

Mum shares horrific photos of injuries, accuses school of neglecting her child after accident during trip

A distraught Mom, Monica Jefferson took to her Facebook page to share photos of the horrific injuries her daughter sustained while on a school trip and also accused the teachers of neglecting her child. She wrote;  This is not something I will like to post. But It so crazy how nobody in this world think this is not bad. I really don't understand why. Cause if I would have done this too my child in

'Pregnant' Kylie Jenner gets large baby crib delivered to her home

On Tuesday, the 20-year-old reality star had a large baby crib delivered to her home,  with just weeks left to go before her due date. Three workers were pictured putting together the crib in front of her garage while two

Controversial Red Wedding Dress: Mercy Aigbe threatens to sue designer and bride

Mercy Aigbe has threatened to sue aggrieved bride, Lawrentta Adesuwa Sawyer, and designer, Rikaotobyme (Maryam Elisha) for ‘her accusing her falsely and trying to cast aspersions on her person. The bride through her lawyer had accused Rikaotobyme and Mercy Aigbe of fraudulent conspiracy to convert their client’s property for “selfish gains.”
Mercy has now taken to Instagram to react.  Read below...

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcome their 3rd child

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just welcomed their third child, a baby girl via surrogate. The reality star announced on her app that their surrogate welcomed a healthy baby girl weighing 7lbs 6oz today. Read her post below...

Fashion Designer dragged to court for giving Bride's Wedding dress to Mercy Aigbe

Early this year, there was drama on Social Media about an aggrieved bride who called out a Nigerian Fashion Designer, Maryam Elisha of RikaotoByMe, for

Man who battered his wife, allegedly impregnated her younger sister and aborted the baby, Arrested

A 26-year-old Benue state indigene by the name Rosalyn, pictured above, cried out on Social Media for help after enduring years of physical and emotional abuse from her husband who she got married to when she was 19 years old. Read what was shared on Facebook by Mimi Atedze (below)..
Good day, my name is Rosalyn.from Benue stat I need help so I don't take my life. Because that seem to be the only option now. I got married in court at the age of 19 because I was pregnant and because I didn't want to bring shame to my parents, I got married and it has

‘Shithole’ reviews on Trump’s hotel drop ratings to 2 Star

So,The ‘Shithole’ outburst by the President Donald Trump of United States against African nations, Haiti, and El Salvador which led to worldwide outrage, has had a negative effect on his private business especially his Hotel in Washington DC. Users left One–Star Reviews on the President’s Luxury Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC, which before now was on an average of four TO five stars. The users’ who described the hotel as a shithole, made the

Ese Walter Ark reveals how PPD pushed her to abandon new born baby and flee to another city for months, with thoughts of smashing baby

In an open post which she shared on Facebook, blogger, Author, Ese Walter-Ark, revealed her battle with postpartum depression. Ese narrated how she abandoned her 9 months 3 weeks old baby with her mother in Abuja and ran down to Lagos, in November 2015, when she became depressed after childbirth. She says the depression was so heavy that a certain day, she thought of smashing her baby on the wall. Read below...

First photos from Omawumi traditional marriage holding today

Singer Omawumi Megbele is today January 13, tying the knot traditionally at her home town in Delta State,  with her husband,
Tosin Yusuf. They are blessed already with

Linda Ikeji shuts down engagement rumour with this photo

Popular Nigerian blogger, Linda Ikeji has shut down reports flying around that she has finally found the love of her life, and is ready to walk down the aisle.Rumour had it that the 37 year-old was keeping her engagement news under wraps but her would-be husband was too excited to keep it a secret. That

8 ways a man can make his wife feel ugly without saying a thing

Days before I got married, my pastor’s wife told me, “Your husband will never intentionally hurt you.” Twenty-two years later, I believe she was right—for the most part. Yet the key word is “intentionally”. Even though the average guy isn’t making it his mission to hurt his wife, he can unintentionally leave her feeling rejected, unseen, devalued—and ugly—without ever saying a thing. Feeling beautiful is complicated. At the surface, there’s never been a woman who hated a good hair day. And should her salon-fresh locks catch the eye of her husband, she’s likely to hold her head higher, for she has captivated her man. But beauty runs much deeper, and when a husband fails to recognize his wife’s many stunning qualities, pain and resentment can set in. Before I dive into this topic, it’s important know one thing: A woman must, above all, understand she is

Woman got pregnant one week after giving birth, later had 4 babies in 11 months

A mom from Wales experienced the miracle of life four times over in just 11 months. Becky John, of Swansea, thought it would be nice for her baby daughter Mya to have a similarly aged sibling to play with and decided to conceive another child with her partner Jason Evans. John, who gave birth to Mya in February,2015, became pregnant just one week later and was shocked to discover she would be giving birth to triplets. “I had to stare at the screen just to make sure for myself. And I counted the heartbeats one by one. It was true I was actually pregnant with triplets,” John told Barcroft, adding none of her friends believed her.
“They were all naturally conceived and they were each from a separate egg, which is really rare. Doctors told us it was the healthiest way to have triplets, because they all had a placenta each, it meant there was no risks associated with any one of them sharing a placenta,” John added.John — who also has a nine-year-old daughter named Kayla — gave birth by ca…

New Coca-Cola with Laxative to make you poop — People Are Actually Drinking It

oh well, Coca-Cola has unveiled a new product, Coca-Cola Plus. The ‘plus’ is that it makes you poop. It’s infused with a laxative. We should probably mention that it’s currently only available in Japan. According to The Wall Street Journal, the fizzy drink contains a high-fiber substance called indigestible dextrin, which increases the body’s ability to remove waste. As a press release from Coca-Cola explains, the beverage is designed “help suppress fat absorption and help moderate the levels of triglycerides in the blood.” The Japanese government last year gave the no-calorie beverage a gold label certifying it under the Foods for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) designation. Each product in this category, which accounts for $6 billion in sales each year, is characterized as having a particular health benefit. Coca-Cola Plus is the nation’s third “healthy” cola. But some people think the healthy label is inappropriate. Michicko Kamiyama, a lawyer for Food Safety Citizens’ Watch, is concerned…

Prince Harry’s betrothed, Meghan Markle deletes all social media accounts

After deleting her personal blog in April last year,Meghan Markle who will become part of the British Royal Family in May, 2018 has finally deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts. For someone who was very active on social media, it must be a real sacrifice following her engagement to Prince Harry. The palace said the former actress and UN ambassador was

Victoria Beckham reveals the mouth-watering amount she spends daily on her beauty regime

Victoria Beckham has revealed the obscene amount of money she spends on her beauty regime every day.

The former Spice Girl said she splashes out a huge £648 on skincare products, £366 on makeup, £124 on body lotions and £66 on her tresses.That's £1,204 (About 585,880 Naira) a day.

“I used to have quite bad skin when I was younger. And I was constantly covering up spots and things like that," she told Into The Gloss.
“Luckily, I don’t have to worry too much about that any more. Over time, you learn what

Mercy Johnson slams those suggesting she's having marital challenges

After it was reported earlier today that Mercy Johnshon Okojie went on Instagram to delete all pictures that have her husband, a lot of fans started talking about her 'marriage in crisis'. The news had since gone viral. The very talented Nollywood actress just came online to debunk such stories by updating her same Instagram with a photo of herself and her husband sitting on the bed in beautiful pajamas, reading from the Holy Bible. It's well! If there's anything trying to, please tackle it privately and quickly too. She captioned it...

Mercy Johnson deletes all her husband's pictures on Instagram

Well, it's a new year and the resolution for some families is to keep their relationships and private life private, maybe Mercy Johnson is one. Kudos if the actress has decided to keep her family life private in 2018.  A check on her Instagram handle indicates that all pictures related to her husband have been removed from the page. If it's a New year Resolution, this will be hard to keep the day they take very beautiful pictures and she feels like showing off. See her page and updates below...

Meghan Markle’s Christmas present to the Queen ended up being mauled by dog

The Queen Of England is probably one of the hardest people to buy a present for - and newly engaged Megan Markle had to do just that this Christmas. It’s now been revealed that Meghan got her future grandmother-in-law a

Oprah Winfrey delivers powerful speech after becoming first black woman to win Cecil B. Demille award at Golden Globes; Full list of winners

Media mogul, Oprah Winfrey, at the 75th Golden Globes which held last night, won the Cecil B. Demille award, making her the First Black Woman to win The Award since its inception in 1943. Delivering her speech, Opray , being the role model that she is, says; “Ah! Thank you. Thank you all. O.K., O.K. Thank you, Reese. In 1964, I was a little girl sitting on the linoleum floor of my mother’s house in Milwaukee, watching Anne Bancroft present the Oscar for best actor at the 36th Academy Awards. She opened the envelope and said five words that literally made history: “The winner is Sidney Poitier.” Up to the stage came the most elegant man I had ever seen. I remember his tie was white, and of course his skin was black. And I’d never seen a black man being celebrated like that. And I’ve tried

Omawunmi’s traditional wedding to hold this weekend

This weekend, Nigerian singer and West African Idol runner up, Omawunmi will be holding her traditional marriage with the father of her two kids, Tosin Yusuf. The couple had a Registry wedding in

“My mum was a Muslim before she converted to Christianity, my dad can eat pounded yam thrice a day” – Omotola’s son talks about mum in this very revealing interview

Nollywood actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde’s fourth child and son, Michael, in a new interview with Toluwani Eniola, revealed some things we all don’t know about his mum Omotola. According to 16-year-old Michael who is an aspiring cinematographer and movie director, his mum was a Muslim before converting to Christianity in her secondary school days. Here are excerpts from the interview;

The lost lady Melania Trump couldn’t cope with marriage to 'unfaithful’ President according to shocking White House book Fire and Fury

Distraught and broken, Melania Trump told her husband she could not bear the pressure of being First Lady, according to the sensational book that has laid the White House bare. “Is this the future?” the “inconsolable” ex-model reportedly asked mogul Donald after the publication of nude pictures taken early in her career. She then told him she “wouldn’t be able to take it”, according to the explosive work, Fire and Fury: Inside The Trump White House, by author Michael Wolff.
But Trump, who the book claims was “chronically unfaithful”, calmed her down, assuring  her that

‘Kenny Ogungbe saved me from having baby mamas’- Eedris Abdulkareem while revealing how changing a car tyre led him to wifey

Controversial singer, Eedris Abdulkareem, who sat for an interview with Saturday Beats talked about his family, his family,  former label boss, Kenny Ogungbe and his advice stopped him from having baby mamas. According to the singer who also talked about ladies he dated, Kenny’s timely advice saved him and also made him walk down the aisle with his wife.  “My wedding day was a very lavish one and Baba Keke was my best man. I chose Baba Keke to be my best man because he has always been like the father I never had. I lost my father when I was only three years old. When I was still at Kennis Music, I went to collect my royalties when I met Baba Keke and he called me aside to give me a piece of advice. He told me that he really loved me and that was why he was advising me. He told

BankyW and Adesua’s Wedding To hit the screen on Africa Magic Showcase

A few weeks back, the entire Nigerian and African media space was filled with news of the Banky W & Adesua destination wedding, which was also plagued with its own controversy when Banky unintentionally posted a semi-nude picture of his wife in a live Instagram broadcast.
The entire wedding celebration is now set to hit the screen as the couple is

Dentist ordered to pay his mum nearly $1 Million for raising him

Taiwan's top court has ordered a man to pay his mother almost $1m (£710,000) for raising him and funding his dentistry training.

The mother signed a contract with her son in 1997, when he was 20 years old, stating he would pay her 60% of his monthly income after qualifying.

She took him to court after he refused to pay her for several years.

The son argued it was wrong to demand a financial return for raising a child, but the

Model allegedly wore “The controversial Wedding Dress” Before The Designer, Maryam Elisha Gave It To Mercy Aigbe

Well, so, as events continue to unfold, seems like the “controversial wedding dress”, the fashion designer Maryam Elisha was meant to deliver to a bride, but gave  out to actress Mercy Aigbe, was actually rocked by a model five days before finally giving to Mercy Aigbe for her 40th birthday shoot. The photos of the model rocking the dress were shared on the designer's fan page for

Owner of misused wedding dress replies Fashion designer after 'apology' while Nigerians think second dress was hurriedly made from left over fabric #NotForMercyAigbe

The social media drama involving a newly wed, a fashion designer, and a silent Mercy Aigbe is still trending.. Just incase you’re wondering what this is… let’s bring you up to speed. It all started when a newly wed called out a Nigerian tailor/fashion designer, for giving her outfit to Actress, Mercy Aigbe for her birthday shoot, thus

How to run two WhatsApp accounts on one phone

You can run two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, it's actually very easy. Read this article to see how to have two copies of WhatsApp on one phone    There are two easy methods we'll share with you here...

First method depends on the fact that some phone-makers are already offering