Plastic surgery gone wrong: Woman left with nose implants protruding out of her face

But why? A Thai woman was left with a silicone implant protruding out of her skin between her eyes after a botched nose job.
She had the implant inserted into her nose to give it a more prominent shape. She has now shared the horrific photos in a bid to send a warning to others considering the surgery after she was left in agony when her new nose began protruding from between her eyes.
The woman went under the knife in Thailand’s southern city of Hat Yai. But according to reports, she opted for a cheap rhinoplasty at a clinic that has since refused to help her.
Following the procedure – intended to give her a more pronounced nose – the woman began
suffering from infections and later inflammation around the area of her face where the surgery had taken place.
The silicone implant began to reveal itself from the top of her damaged nose, between her eyes. She sought out medical professionals near Thailand’s capital Bangkok, where one plastic surgery hospital is said to have provided her with treatment to have the implant removed at no extra cost.
Shocking pictures show the woman’s nose has been left with a crater where the implant used to be. The harrowing surgery mishap has gone viral, with thousands sharing the photos on social media as a warning to others considering cheap nose jobs.
It is still unclear how medics plan to repair her botched rhinoplasty. The surgery where the woman reportedly had her original operation told local media it ‘took no responsibility’ for the botched job and ‘refused to help her’ after the extent of her condition was revealed.


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