Some Nigerians accuse the goat owner of sleeping with it as newborn kids look like humans

Residents of Potiskum Local Government Area in Yobe State were thrown into shock when a goat gave birth to babies that look like humans. Could it be  a medical condition? problem with their development in the womb? But some residents are quick to accuse the owner of
doing something bad to that goat before it got pregnant. 


*Can Human sperm fertilize a goat?


  1. Anonymous10/30/2017

    Can Human sperm fertilize animal eggs? We hear about animals producing human-like creatures, how do their ovules get fertilized by human sperm, is it possible anyway?

  2. Anonymous10/30/2017

    The answer is NO. Human spermatozoa cannot fertile animal ovules, it's almost impossible.

  3. Anonymous10/30/2017

    Goats? No. Much too far apart, the genetics are too different.

    And, if it could happen, it would have happened many times already on farms around the world and through history.

    Our closest animal relative is the chimpanzee. We share about 96% of DNA. NOT GOAT!

    Other hybrids that have worked but are sterile include mules (male donkey, female horse) and jennys (male horse, female donkey), "ligers" and "Tilions" lion/tiger and tiger/lion.

    There's a fertile buffalo / cattle cross that breeds with itself or either ascestor.

    DNA differences can be accurately assessed (in a very well equipped genetic lab) by measuring the melting point of the two parent DNAs and of the mix. The mix will melt lower and be 1 degree lower for each 1% of difference in the DNA. So I'd try to find out the difference of what has been done (horse/donkey, lion/tiger) and compare it to the 4% difference between human and chimps.
    screwing other primates can (and may well have) created new human diseases. Certainly AIDS came from SIV in apes. Maybe someone was butchering a chimp or a maccaque 70 years ago. Maybe they were doing something else.

  4. Anonymous10/30/2017

    Nope. Reason is because the DNA couldn't line up properly. Genes for the skin of a dog don't appear in the same place as genes for skin in a human. Thus, they can't work together, and thus, can't mix. If they can't mix, they only produce two phenotypes: nothing, or dead.

    Source: Yahoo answers.


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