"As FG bans Private Pratice for Medical Doctors in Public Hospitals, No public office holder must be allowed to seek medical treatment abroad" - Kennedy Nsan

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"FG bans Private Pratice for Medical Doctors in Public Hospitals

Nigerian government has banned medical doctors working in public hospitals from private practice.

The decision was taken at the Wednesday’s Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting presided by President Muhammadu Buhari.

As good as this decision is, if this ban must be taken seriously, the government should also ban public office holders from seeking medical treatment abroad including Mr President!

These are issues that Nigerians should be on the streets protesting! This is where civil society and concerned Nigerians can lead a real change!

No public office holder must be allowed to seek medical treatment abroad; no public servant should be allowed to send their children to schools abroad!

It amounts to hypocrisy to seek medical treatment abroad and pretend to be trying to fix our public hospitals. Seeking medical treatment abroad and then banning doctors from private practice is purely hypocritical! No more no less! What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

We must start protesting and be on the streets for the right reasons. No medical trips for the president and ministers abroad if we want our hospitals to work. If Aisha Buhari had not gone to Aso Rock Medical Centre herself a few days ago, how would she had known the rot that exist there?

No public officials must be allowed to send their wards to schools abroad, they must be made to study in our public universities! If this is not done, our public universities will remain underfunded!

Until we're on the streets for these issues, our public institutions will never serve us better. For as long as public servants and politicians play on a different standard and rules, just forget it, nothing's going to work in Nigeria."

- Kennedy Nsan