Caroline Danjuma Wears Ring Of Celibacy As She Dedicates Life To Christ

Nollywood Actress and mum of 2 Caroline Hutchings-Danjuma who has been off the news for a while now after she made waves on Social media last year following her marriage troubles, has dedicated her life to Christ and embraced celibacy following the eventual crash of the 10 year old marriage to Billionaire Musa Danjuma. Rosary rings come in a variety of styles but they all work basically the same way: Catholics  put the ring on the ring finger and start the 'Our Father' at the Crucifix with each of the bumps or beads going around used to keep track of the Hail Mary's. 

She felt so happy after the priest blessed the Rosary ring you see on her finger below and
is asking God to preserve her as she stays away from the other room for now.
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In a post she has now deleted, the pretty actress showed off her finger rosary and wrote thus...
“Dedicated to CHRIST ( felt so elated after the priest blessed me) …. #catholic #celibate #waitingontheLord#onestepatatime #feltsofulfilled #beenwishingonthisforsolong #Godpreserveme #itwasnteasybutitisworthit #findingme #awholenewworld #reborn”

*When you look closer at a celibabacy or purity ring, you notice that the engraving and designs center around the idea of waiting for true love or living a pure life. The specific phrases and designs vary, but all purity rings symbolize that commitment to stay pure until marriage. A purity ring, also called a chastity ring or abstinence ring, is a type of promise ring. Instead of committing yourself to one person, you are making a commitment to yourself. The ring often has a profoundly religious meaning. People who wear the rings commit themselves to keeping their minds, bodies and hearts pure while dedicating themselves to serving God. The most common way to wear a purity ring is on your left ring finger, which is the same finger typically reserved for a wedding ring. This is no coincidence — the idea is that the purity ring stays on the left ring finger until it is replaced by a wedding ring. This goes along with the idea of keeping yourself pure until you get married.
Below are some reasons people choose for wearing celibacy or purity rings:
  • Commitment to yourself: By wearing this ring, you are making a commitment to yourself. That commitment can be religiously based or simply a commitment to care about yourself and keep yourself safe.
  • Commitment to others: While the main focus is committing to yourself, the purity/celibacy ring is also a symbol to a potential spouse that you want to wait for true love.
  • Reminder during difficult times: When faced with those difficult situations or pressures, the ring serves as a reminder of the commitment to making positive, healthy decisions in life. It can remind the wearer to stay strong in the conviction to refrain from activities that take attention away from keeping the body, mind and heart pure.
  • Declaration of your decision: Some people choose to wear celibacy/purity rings to make their stance known. They are not embarrassed to let others know they have committed to a pure life of abstinence from 'the other room'