Bbaby sitters arrested for shutting crying baby in fridge and posting video to Snapchat

Just incredible! and to think that the baby sitter is a blood relative of this child... For those blaming the parents, teenagers in my opinion are old enough to babysit. Most mums leave babies at one point or the other with teenage siblings to run errands and they do a good job. A teenage that shoves a crying baby inside the fridge should pray s/he is not from hell. 
Two babysitters have been arrested after shocking Snapchat footage emerged of them putting a baby in a fridge while laughing.
During the short clip a crying baby is picked up from the floor and put in the fridge, before the door is slammed shut.
A girl is heard saying: "Bye!" as she leaves the child, who is wearing just a nappy, in the

cold and dark.
As the fridge is reopened the terrified baby screams as girls can be heard off camera laughing hysterically.It is unclear how long the child was left in the fridge.
A further clip filmed shows the same girl rocking the baby in her arms and saying: "Hi baby. See, he's okay!"
The appalling incident took place at around 4.30pm on Monday in Danvers, Massachusetts, USA
The child’s mother told ABC affiliate WCVB that the two babysitters are her niece and the niece’s friend.

“I was horrified. I was in shock,” the mother said. “I’m traumatized from that. I don’t want anyone near my child anymore.”
She added: “I know she wouldn’t hurt my daughter and that wasn’t her intentions. I think it was all foolishness, stupidity. I will no longer be leaving my children with my niece or her friends again ever in my life.”