Blac Chyna returning back to strip clubbing after Rob Kardashian cut her off financially

Well, she played rough with the "chicken that laid her diamond eggs", lost it and now has to work hard to sustain the expensive lifestyle. Thought she said that 'before the Kardashians, there was Chyna?'  Had an opportunity to settle down and start a family life but she threw it away.
So, Blac Chyna is back to former business.
In the wake of her ongoing legal drama with Rob Kardashian (and since Rob cut her off financially), Blac Chyna is back to making money on her own.
According to her post on Instagram, she’s booked for an appearance at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in West Hollywood.
See below...

BC just announced a gig for next Monday at the Ace of Diamonds in West Hollywood and we’re told she’ll be pocketing $10k for hosting the night. The club’s also throwing in 3 bottles of rose.
The timing is no coincidence … we’re told Chyna’s the one who pitched the idea to AOD and they were all for it.
If you recall, that’s how she made a huge chunk of her change back in the day, so looks like she’s back to her old party tricks and sending a message she doesn’t need Rob … although she might need him to watch Dream that night ..TMZ reports.
  The bills have to be paid somehow… That's it. When God butters your bread, be grateful and take nothing for granted. #WhoPrideEpp?