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Simple Bread Rolls Recipe

These ingredients below made 16 bread/dinner rolls.

How to cook okro soup with tomatoes

Yes! Delicious okro soup can be cooked with tomatoes.This post should have been shared when okra was readily available and affordable but sha no problem. Nigerian tomato is playing hard to get but we shall conquer.  some people can still cook with tomatoes and if you like that nice tomato taste in your okro, you'll love this soup. This soup is not only for fufu (swallow), can also be servd with boiled rice. 'YES BOILED RICE' Try it and get addicted!

INGREDIENTS3 cups chopped okro 1 medium sized onion 8 medium sized tomatoes 1 cup palm oil or more for palm oil lovers Fish 1 kg goat meat, you can use Beef Seasoning cube Salt to taste 1 cup stock (water) to start with, you can always adjust by adding some more 1 teaspoon pepper, you can add more, I have kids who can't stand it.
DIRECTIONStir fry your onion, pepper and chopped tomatoes with seasoning cube until dry.Add the fish, check for salt and cover to cook for about 5 minutes, checking at intervalsAdd the okro and already cooked…

Diary Of A Pastor's Wife

DIARY OF A PASTOR'S WIFE (EPISODE 1) That morning, my husband David came to pick me at the airport. He was dry faced and tensed, very unusual. Other times, David would be so excited to come pick me, he would kiss and hug me passionately; but today, everything is different. "You kept me waiting for hours in there." I said, gazing angrily at him. "Don't tell me it's traffic honey, today is Saturday." "I'm sorry, I had to pick the kids from summer lessons and then rush to church to counsel a few couples." He said soothingly. 
"You now prepare the kids for school? What happened to Ifeoma? She is the kids' nanny."  "And you are the Kids mom!", he screamed suddenly. "You've been away from your family for 5 months, Ekom; the kids don't even talk about you anymore." David deliberately slowed his breathing in a bid to calm himself down.  I was silent for a while. My lips quivered, but David ignored that he saw …

Basketmouth's kids' joint birthday party (Photos)

Ace Nigerian comedian, Basketmouth and his wife, Elsie, yesterday threw a joint birthday party for their children Jason and Janelle, who turned 9 and 5-years-old respectively.

Celebrities like Bovi, Seyi Law and his family, Thin Tall Tony and others attended the lavish joint 'Chelsea and Frozen' themed party. See photos...

Recipe: How to cook coconut rice with tomatoes and vegetables

To cook Nigerian coconut rice with tomatoes and vegetables, you need more coconut milk than you would need for plain coconut rice. Adding vegetables and tomatoes enhances the taste and nutrition. Kids love coconut rice with colour. If you are not sure you like coconut rice, try this recipe and see.This is really appetizing, absolutely delicious and easy to cook. INGREDIENTS:3 cups rice 2 cups vegetable oil 1 large onion 4 large tomatoes 1 teaspoon fresh pepper, you can add more 4 large red bell peppers (Tatashey) 2 seasoning cubes 1 large fresh fish. I used croaker 2 sachets coconut milk powder Salt to taste 1/2 cup roughly ground crayfish Chicken stock (Optional) Water, just

Beautiful baby shower photos from a young couple in Warri

The lady has since been delivered of her bundle of joy. The bouncing baby boy arrived on May 5.
see more lovely photos...