Lady thought she was pregnant, Test Result Showed Positive but something else was in her stomach

A young woman who thought she was pregnant has received the shock of her life after finding out what was really in her stomach. 

20yrs old Alice Hall has revealed how she thought she was pregnant but was then told she actually had a cancer tumour and that she would have to give birth to the cancer. Say what?

According to Metro UK, Alice Hall had been with her boyfriend, Christopher, for 9 months when she started feeling sick one morning last June and decided to do a pregnancy test.

The test came back positive and a doctor later confirmed that she was four weeks ‘gone’.

Writing in a piece for The Sunday Mirror, Alice said that though her and Christopher were
young, they were still thrilled and knew they’d step up and become good parents when the time came.

They even came up with possible names.

But just eight weeks in, Alice started bleeding so she was rushed to her doctors, who then referred her to Hereford County Hospital for a scan.

Medics told her she was having a miscarriage but surprisingly, a pregnancy test confirmed that she was still pregnant.

She explained: ‘My uterus thought there was a baby in there as my body was mimicking the symptoms of pregnancy.’

Alice returned the next day for more tests which revealed that she was indeed pregnant and doctors said she probably just had a miscarriage scare.

But a week later, the pain returned.

The 20 year old said: ‘They thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy, where the foetus grows inside the Fallopian tube instead of the womb, so I underwent a keyhole laparoscopy so doctors could have a look around inside.’

When they did though, they ruled out the possibility of her being pregnant almost immediately but did not know what the swelling in her womb was.

‘I felt relieved they didn’t think it was an ectopic pregnancy but was devastated to learn that I wasn’t pregnant any longer. It was so upsetting, my emotions had been everywhere and I cried for the baby I’d lost’, she said.

After a few more tests, doctors diagnosed her with gestational tropho-blastic neoplasia (GTN), which had caused a tumour to grow in the womb.

Two weeks later, Alice was taken for a chest X-ray and a full body MRI which showed there was a tumour the size of a foetus in her uterus and a biopsy confirmed that it was cancerous.

She was given eight sessions of a low-dose chemotherapy which stopped the tumour from growing but things got worse when she woke up in excruciating pain in September.

When she called her doctor, she was told that she was effectively in labour.

Alice said: ‘I was taken to Hereford County Hospital and told I’d have to give “birth” to the tumour, which weighed around one pound. It was really traumatic.’

After 30 hours, she managed to remove the tumour on the toilet. Doctors say she's doing fine.

Alice and Christopher plan to have a baby once she is fully recovered.